Nancy Drew, Crochet Hats, and My Blog

Four days ago I made a post saying I should do something special when I hit my 4,000 post. At that time I was at 3,667 views and with my average traffic of about twenty views a day I thought I would have a week or two to figure out what. . .but then, KA-BAM! Somehow over the last few days my page views skyrocketed and I'm now over 4,000 already (by about twenty views). Now I'm really at a loss for what to do.

I haven't thought of any great posts lately. I've been creating, crocheting baby caps including a brand new lion themed one and a Hello Kitty one I have up for sale on Etsy (the lion one will probably join it as soon as I've had a chance to take some better product pictures). I'm just enjoying crocheting but none of these patterns are original enough that I feel my readers would benefit from me posting them. Basically they are just basic flap hats with embellishments and you can find patterns for those all over the internet right now.

Claire does make a sweet little model, doesn't she?

A bit ago I made a splurge purchase of a set of five Nancy Drew Mystery computer games. I just finished the second one and while I feel a sense of accomplishment, there is also a feeling of, "ah, is it over already." I really like to feel smart solving puzzles. I've mentioned before that I would be so happy if life were more like Myst. I still have three games left in the pack but I'm unwilling to get into them because they are so addicting and I really should be doing more productive things. I'll probably break down soon, though. Nancy Drew needs me to solve her mysteries!!!