Poor Customer Service at Gymboree

I had such a poor shopping experience at my local Gymboree Outlet that I am going to share it with everybody. Maybe I'm just feeling vindictive tonight, but I think they deserve it.  I emailed this to the company tonight. I'll share their response as well when I get it. It would have to be a pretty dang awesome response though to convince me to ever go back there.

EDIT 8/7/12: I've had some communication with Gymboree Customer service and a quick update on that can be found at the end of this post and my conclusion can be found here.

I recently signed up for email promotions from your company and was sent two coupons, one of which was for 10% off and the other for a free body suit with $10 purchase. I decided to use them today during my state's tax free weekend. The location this involves is your shop in the Cordova Mall of Pensacola Florida.
I don't usually shop in your stores because your prices are a little bit higher than I prefer, but I thought with the coupons I could get my daughters something nice for a special occasion. Unfortunately, your employee was the opposite of helpful. The shop was not busy. I waited until the customer she was checking out left the store to address her, and all I wanted to know was which body suits were part of the coupon deal. Instead of helping me, the lady couldn't get past the authenticity of my coupons. At first she told me I couldn't use them because I wasn't supposed to "print them out." I asked how I was supposed to use email coupons without printing them out, and she claimed that the body suit coupon was only from a booklet not an email. I told her I got it from an email. She said she would call someone and ask about it. A few minutes into her conversation my daughter said she had to use the bathroom. I asked if we could use one in the shop but was informed we couldn't because there were "dangerous chemicals" in there, which is sort of stupid in a shop that caters to children. Anyway, I told my daughter to wait just a moment assuming the issue would be over momentarily. Unfortunately, whoever my cashier was on the phone with appeared to know as little about the whole thing as my cashier did. I questioned whether or not she could just scan the bar code on the coupon pointing out that if it was a good coupon the bar code should scan but was told that counterfeit coupons sometimes scan too so that would't prove anything. At this point, I realized that she was actually accusing me of fraud and I started to get annoyed. About five minutes of waiting while she talked in circles with whoever she was talking to, my daughter's potty issues became urgent and I told her this wasn't worth my time and left your shop without making a purchase. I'm not sure whether this was poor employee training or poor communication but it was definitely poor customer service. I spent over $80 at the Old Navy in the same Mall and not a dime in your store because of your employee's behavior. I plan to post this story to my blog. It is one thing to be confused by a coupon. It is another thing altogether to accuse your customer of a crime (copying and forging coupons IS a crime) when you have absolutely no proof. I've used online coupons at other stores and sometimes the store keepers do make comments about not having seen my particular coupon before but never have they been rude enough to suggest I'm attempting to defraud them. This is unacceptable and I fully plan to share my distaste with my friends and acquaintances.