Furniture Polish: It Can Be Deadly

Ever since we brought Caen, the German Shepherd, into our lives I have developed a strong, hate hate relationship with pet hair. It's actually more of a hate-hate-hate relationship. It's a strong feeling of revulsion bridging on insanity.

The carpeted parts of the house aren't so bad. We have a fairly thick, neutral colored carpet that hides almost everything. I vacuum the heavily trafficked areas (halls, bedrooms) twice a week and the less used areas (guest room, craft room, closet) once a week and I feel pretty good about it as long as I don't look to closely at the vacuum canister when I empty it out (omgosh, it's a pound of hair!). It's the large sections of hard wood flooring that really get me down. Especially now that Claire is mobile. 

My sweet little baby will crawl across the floor and come up looking like a pad from a swiffer mop. She'll have dog fur stuck to her palms and of course said palms end up in her mouth and then I'm cleaning dog hair off her tongue. I upped my sweeping from every day to twice a day and sometimes more. 

So as I usually do when faced with an epic problem, I posted on facebook that I was drowning in pet hair and then turned to google. This was the best site I found How to Prevent Pet Hair from Building up on Wood Floors. It included the very doable suggestion to spray your dust mop with wood polish in order to pick up the hair better. 

I implemented this tip almost immediately and was really impressed with how much cleaner my floors seemed afterwards. Yay! So happy! Victory!

. . .that was easy. Almost. . .too easy . . .

Now, the next part is my fault. I got carried away (just a little) that afternoon and decided to do a touch up mopping. I got out my off brand furniture polish (which I still usually call Pledge because I grew up with Pledge.) and then had the bright idea to make a game out of it. I made a path with the polish across the floor and around the kitchen table and had Coryn follow it with the mop as if it were a maze. She then got carried away and wanted to spray polish all over everything. . . I stopped her, but by then the house smelled pretty Pledge-y (off brand stuff has the exact same smell as the branded stuff). 

What I didn't realize, however, was that furniture polish is very slippery. 

I usually am either barefoot or wearing my "work out shoes" around the house so my traction is pretty good, but the first thing Matt said when he came in the door was, "You used Pledge on the floor, didn't you?" 

Matt likes to go around in socks and has apparently had some experience with furniture polish on floors because he told me it makes floors crazy slippery. He slipped around a little bit and said I needed to clean up the floors. I took a wet mop to it (no cleaner) and considered that good. . .until later that night he came down the stairs too fast and I heard a huge bang followed by a mild cuss word . . .so apparently I hadn't fixed it. 

The next day I mopped up the floor with floor cleaner and warm water. I'm still using the polish on the mop method and it seems to be working (though not as perfectly as I'd like), but Matt is still suspects that I tried to kill him.  Well, he's the one who wanted the dang dog. 

For another blog post on my dirty floors, read this: Biding Time.

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