Gymboree Customer Service Update

I related an unfortunate experience I had recently at a Gymboree Outlet in this post and some of the response I'd gotten from one of their representatives in this post and just today I realized it had been about a month since the event in question and I thought I'd post an update.

At that point a self-described "DM" (My best guess is this stands for District Manager, but I could be wrong) had emailed me asking for specifics about the time I'd been there so she could address the issues with employees and offering to send me the item I had been there attempting to purchase free of charge as soon as she got back from "traveling." She also mentioned sending me an email to let me know when she had followed up on things. . .

Well, tonight I was going through my old emails seeing which were still relevant and which I could trash, and I found that earlier email and realized she'd never contacted me again and I certainly hadn't received any items in the mail from her.

Now I'm a little torn. My instinct is to just forget about the issue but never shop at Gymboree again. If she didn't follow through with me, chances are she was just blowing smoke about dealing with the employee as well, after all, which is easier: retraining an employee or popping a piece of clothing into the mail? If she didn't do one, she most likely didn't address the other. If the company isn't going to bother with customer service, I'm not going to bother with them.

I have some inclination to email again with a "Hey, did you do anything about this?" reminder but I don't wish to appear that I'm just being greedy about the promised free item. That wasn't why I wrote in the first place. I wrote because I felt their employee's behavior was unacceptable.

On another note I just typed out that whole last paragraph with my left hand only while breastfeeding. Vote for me for Super Mom of the week . . .or maybe that was just TMI.

Anyway, I sincerely don't know what I'm going to do next about this issue. Please take the time to read my previous posts and comment if you feel you know what I should do.