Nick Mom! I actually won something!

I recently joined a site called "Nick Mom." It's an online humor site directed at moms and for the most part it is fun and harmless; I haven't come across any really inappropriate humor and while some of the stuff feels recycled, some of comics are fresh and funny.

Basically you log in to look at things or you can sign up for occasional emails where they send you funny content and you can choose to share it on various social network sites (they have just about every site out there as an option) and when you do you get points towards their prize drawings. It's a pretty innocuous little site and if I think things are funny, I'll go and add them to my Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest account and not give it a second thought. . .that is until this week when they emailed me asking for my address because I'd won a $100 Target gift card!

At first I thought, "No way. This is a phishing attempt. . .they want my personal info. . ." but since all they were asking for was my mailing address (which I believe is public record) I gave it to them and today it arrived by Fedex! An actual $100 gift card to target!

I don't think I shared that much content (maybe one picture a week for the last four or five weeks) so either my luck is insanely good or they are giving away a lot of prizes. Because of that, I'm recommending this site. So far it hasn't tried to sell me anything or ask for any personal information (though it does link up to social network sites and will ask for access to those) and it is free.

A bonus for me: if you join through my "personal link" I'll get more points which means more chances at gift cards! Click here to try it:  NickMom (you don't have to use my link, but if you are going to join up anyway, you might as well).