Play it to Pieces: Barbie Haircuts

A little bit ago I blogged about letting my daughter dismantle a ripped t-shirt to make Barbie clothes. A lot of the reason we do things like this is because of my hoarder tendencies. I hate to throw anything away. I don't mind using things up, but if there is even the slightest bit of use left in something, I have to milk it out before I throw it away.

Well, last night, one of those Barbie Fashion Models met a tragic fate. While attempting to do the splits, her leg popped out and the plastic joint actually snapped so it wasn't just a simple, "pop it back in" operation like usual. Coryn begged me to fix her (she has four or five Barbies but each one is precious, even if they are somewhat abused) and I set her aside promising to give it a go with my hot glue gun at a later date, but tonight I actually took the time to examine the break and decided that this wasn't going to happen.

I stopped short of the garbage can, however, because I remembered Coryn's recent obsession with being a "Barbara" ("A Barbara cuts hair!" she informed me when I inquired exactly what being a Barbara meant). I had made her some yarn wigs to cut, but that was very time consuming for how long the activity lasted (about ten minutes of wig making to two minutes of hair cutting and the whole time she was sitting at my elbow asking if I was done yet). Paper "wigs" were not an acceptable substitute and while I had an idea to purchase some cheap party wigs, I never got around to it (a friend had an idea to buy mop heads from a dollar store, but I haven't run into a dollar store yet, mainly because of my transportation problems mentioned here.). We even had to have the "don't cut the cat's fur" talk.  So I called her over and told her, sorry, Barbie was toast, but if she wanted she could cut her hair.

Talk about excited! Coryn jumped right into it. She was instructed to do this activity over a waste paper basket and right now Barbie looks very Brittany Spears, but so far the hair cut has lasted about ten minutes and Coryn is in Barbara heaven.

In Coryn's barber shop, you receive your hair cut while upside down.

This was actually a Sleeping Beauty Barbie . . .once.

She later expanded on this hair cut and the Barbie ended up basically bald. 

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