Tutu Skirt Crochet Pattern

It's been a good long while since I've posted a pattern, mainly because I've been working off of other people's patterns for awhile now and while I'm proud of what I have made, I don't usually post patterns that aren't original to me (Occasionally a link but not often. That's why I have this board on Pinterest). 

My daughter is, like many little girls, obsessed with dancing and loves anything associated with ballerinas. We recently picked up a book from the library's withdrawn shelf (books that they don't want anymore and you can have for a donation of a quarter) called Alicia's Tutu. It's a sweet story about a little girl who becomes convinced that the "gift" her grandmother is sending is going to be a sparkly pink tutu, rather than the bed her mother keeps telling her to expect. 

Awhile ago I shared a very simple pattern for a Barbie skirt and because of Coryn's interest in tutus, I decided to try it at full size. 

This is what we ended up with:

Coryn was pleased because she said it had "humps" like a real ballerina skirt. Next time I might choose to make it a little longer. You can adjust the length simply by adding on extra v-stitch rows.
Another optional feature is this crocheted "button" that I made for the clasp. You could potentially use a real button instead or thread a ribbon around the top and use it to tie it shut (I wouldn't suggest using yarn because it has a potential to get knotted and you'd probably end up having to cut it off at some point).

Here is what the skirt looks like lying flat. 

To start off you want to make a chain long enough to wrap around your ballerina's waist plus three stitches; for Coryn, this ended up being 63 chains. 

I used a fairly thick worsted weight yarn. For a finer yarn you'll probably have to make more stitches around but remember that the yarn will stretch a little bit once you start to work it and don't go too wide. For this pattern I'll use the measurements I did. Don't be afraid to adjust for your own child.

Key: Ch=chain, DC=double crochet

Ch 63
DC in the third stitch from the hook and in each stitch across (60 DC), ch 3 and turn.
2DC in each stitch across (120 DC), this will start the ripple that you want, ch 3 and turn.
(2DC in the first stitch, 1DC in the next stitch) repeat across (180 DC), ch 3 and turn

If you've never done a v-stitch it is very simple. In each stitch you'll do a double crochet, a chain, and a double crochet. 

(V stitch, skip a space), across, until the last stitch, DC in the last stitch ch 3 and turn
For the remaining rows you want to work it the same as the first v stitch row except rather than skipping spaces, you'll just want to do the v stitch in the chain of the v stitch below it. 
V stitch in each chain stitch across. DC in the ch 3 at the end of the row, Ch3 and turn.

On the last V stitch row, don't Ch3. 

It takes about 8 rows to achieve the length of skirt I got in the picture. I considered going longer. If you decide to make a longer skirt just increase the amount of V stitch rows as you see fit.  

At the end of the last v-stitch row leave a long tail to sew up the skirt. Leave a few inches un-sewn so that it has a little bit of a gap. Crochet a loop on one side. Attach a button on the other side.

To crochet your own button, ch 2, 6sc in each the second chain, fasten off. 
Let me know if you try this pattern or have any questions about it.