Autumn Preview: Posts to Come

I really should be going to bed now. Looking back over the last few days, I've broken three glasses. . .that's a lot. I'm not sure why, but it makes me suspect I'm not on top of my game and a big reason for this could be sleep deprivation. However, my husband has duty tonight and I'm just not thrilled about turning in without him. I hate duty. It's a mild hardship, I admit, having Matt away from home for a 24 hour period (and reachable by phone at that), nothing compared to a deployment or . . .oh, I don't know, serious problems that other women have with their husband, but I always wince a little inside when he comes home and says, "I have duty next week." It's especially bad on the weekends. I don't prefer to sleep alone.

The last few days have been eventful in an Autumny sort of way. I'm probably not going to go into depth tonight but here's a quick catalog of everything I plan to cover in upcoming posts about the week we just had:

I have been taking a lot of pictures lately, so these will probably be photo heavy posts. For now I'll leave you with one scenic picture I took of a butterfly at the fore-mentioned corn maze and the promise that I will get around to (hopefully) all of these posts, God willing and the creek don't rise or otherwise do whatever nonsense creeks do that prevents things from happening . . . dang creeks.



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