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The other day when I shared my Tiny Turtle pattern I mentioned working on a family of penguins but not being satisfied with my penguin chick pattern. Well, I figured out what was wrong. Coryn actually pointed it out.

"He needs feet, Mom," she said. And she was right. Once feet were added, my penguin came to life. Here he is:

The adult penguins aren't my original pattern. I learned how to make them from a pattern book sold through lion brand yarn, linked below:
This is the book that really got me started on critter making. It has a lot of fun patterns, some of which have been among my more popular sellers. I prefer to write my own patterns, of course, but if you are a first time critter maker, it's good to have something to start from (patterns included in this book are lion, monkey, penguin, seal, and alligator). 

However, penguin chicks are not exactly like their parents. They are gray and fluffy. . .so I decided to make one that would go along with my grown up penguins.

If you want to just skip ahead and buy the one I made, check out my Penguin Play Set on Etsy. 

First step was to google "penguin chick" to refresh the image I had in my mind. There were a lot of different options. I'm not actually sure which species of penguin I chose to create, but I wanted one that had a gray body, black head, and white eye circles. 

Here are my two finished chicks.

I suggest starting with the small circles for the eyes and the beak because you'll probably want to sew them on before you finish and stuff the head. Gage is not important so use whatever hook you are comfortable with. You will need yarn in the following colors: black, white, gray, yellow, and some scrap color that will be for the eyes.

Eye Circles: With white ch2, 6 sc in the second chain from the hook, fasten off, leaving long tail for sewing; make two. 
Beak: With yellow, ch2, 4sc in the second chain from hook, 
4sc around, fasten off, leave a long tail for sewing. 

Head and Body:
Starting with black:
R1-ch2, 6sc in the second chain from the hook
R2-2sc in each stitch around (12 total)
R3 and 4-sc in each stitch around
this is a good point to stop and attach the eye circles as shown below. Leave space between the eye circles for a nose. Sew the eyes on top of the eye circles. 
 Now add on the beak. You will probably need to shape it a little with your fingers before you sew it on, just pinch it so that it sticks up rather than bunches up.
 My eyes are just these little v shaped stitches. You could also use french knots, small beads, or buttons if you want.
 Continue on.
R5-Sc in each stitch around
R6-Scd around (6 times), six stitches in this row, switch here to the gray yarn.
R7-2Sc in each stitch around, 12 stitches in this row,
R8 through 11-sc in each stitch around, Stuff as you go.
R12-Scd around (6 times), make sure the piece is stuffed to your satisfaction than sew the bottom opening shut.

to make the feet use yellow and simply:
ch2, 4sc in the second chain from the hook; fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing. Make two.
 Here is a foot. It will look sort of like a little Pac-man monster. Attach the open mouth side of your Pac-man piece to the bottom of the penguin and sew it in place.
 Now for the wings:
Ch 6, sc in the second chain from the hook and in all remaining chains down the line. In the last stitch, sc three times, using the two extra chains to turn the stitches onto the opposite side of the chain. Sc down that side of the chain as well. Again, fasten off leaving a tail for sewing (I say that a lot, but I mean it!). Make two.
 Find the place in between the neck and the body where you want to attach the wings and sew them on. Here you go! He's done!

Let me know if you have questions. I plan to make a mommy and a daddy penguin and post them on Etsy as a set. 

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