Dawn's Disaster: Candle Swap

Dawn's Disaster: Candle Swap: Candle Swap 2012!  Brought to you by Dawn’s Disaster and Unorganized Chaos X3 What’s a candle swap?  Well, it is going to be the most fun...

I just found out about this through a link on another blog which linked me back to Dawn's Disasters. Doesn't this sound like a blast? Who doesn't love candles? (well, Jack Be Nimble, maybe. You should've jumped higher Jack.). I think I'm going to sign up. How about you?


  1. I hopped over to your blog from the candle swap. I'm now following your blog. :-)

  2. Thanks! I hopped over to your blog, read a few posts, and followed back. I'm personally pretty excited about candles!


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