"Joys" of Pet Ownership

Ah, the joys of pet ownership. . .

Normally when I complain about our "pets" I mean my husband's dog, who is a good dog, but he's also a walking pile of fur, chews on random stuff, and thinks he's a lap dog even though he is already almost twice the size of my four-year-old.

However, sometimes, I have to admit that, as perfect as I want to say my little angel is, Carlton Lassi-Cat is a bundle of trouble in his own right.
Hello, Carlton Lassicat, Chief Cat Detective of the SBPD
But, no, as much as I love him, Carlton isn't perfect. Yes, he's the only cat who has ever slept on my bed without costing me the majority of my night's sleep, but he does sometimes sit directly on my neck and purr way too loudly forcing me to evict him. So far he hasn't learned that trick that a lot my past cats did where they roll onto their back begging you to stroke their belly then bite your fingers when you actually do, but he does occasionally play too rough and I have scratches to prove it. He's very patient with Coryn and lets her treat him like a doll (actually, if anything, he's a bit of a pushover and could benefit from standing up for himself more). . .etc.

What is most annoying, however, is his fascination with yarn.

You may say, well, what do you expect? He's a cat. Cat with yarn is trope (I have decided I don't use "trope" enough. I'm going to use it more and more and more until trope has become trope! Mu ha ha ha!). Yes, but I am a crocheter and when I'm attempting to crochet, he's drawn to me no matter how subtle I think I'm being. Soon he's sleeping on top of the project I'm working on and if I dare to let the strands of yarn move, he attacks. If I leave yarn in reach, he goes for it.

Last night, I was working on a panda. I've never made a panda before, though I have done a panda hat (here on the facebook page). I had it almost finished. . .well, I'd done all of the head and body, anyway. I was working on it while waiting for Matt to come to bed and put it down just needing to be stuffed and sewn up next to the bed (I still needed to make his limbs), and in the morning I woke up to find my panda was stretched out, completely unraveled, out the bedroom door, down the hall into the living room, through the dining area, tangled about the table legs, around the corner into the kitchen, through the kitchen and back into the bedroom. There, for whatever reason, Carlton had chosen to stop. All that was left was the head and it looked pretty ratty, like the cat had dragged it in, actually.

poor panda
The good news is, I hadn't been completely happy with the placement of the ears and Matt told me the nose was more dog like than bear like, and I wanted to rework all that, so I guess starting over is okay. Still, that was at least an hour's work down the drain, and . . .ugh.. .well, cats will be cats, even if they are perfect like Carlton.