Magnolia Corn Maze

Magnolia Corn Maze Trip

We were fortunate enough to attend a field trip, our first with the homeschool co-op we've been attending monthly since September, to the Magnolia Corn Maze (link in the header above). 
This is a picture heavy post. I decided to post one picture per station or activity that we participated in. . .but somehow I missed the pumpkin patch altogether. I guess we must've been tired at that point (we meaning Claire and myself; Coryn never flagged). 

We arrived early because I almost always arrive early. . .like ridiculously early. Like, we are waiting for fifteen to twenty minutes for the next person to get there if we are lucky and the next person is early (though less so than we who are crazy early). It's partially a family habit (my family is always the first on the scene) and partially that, since I get lost easily around the Pensacola area, I always give myself at least a half hour leeway which I expect to spend arguing with the GPS unit in my car. . .and yes, the GPS unit and I argued a bit as always. It still insists that 69th is a through street when I have told it over and over again that 69th is a dead end. I think the tone of the GPS lady changes when I disregard her instructions to take a left onto 69th even though I've disregarded them every stinking time because it is IMPOSSIBLE to take a left onto 69th. There's a gosh-darn house in the way! It also took me on a weird route to get to the main road, but it does that most of the time. Normally I ignore that too, but since this was the first time I'd been to this particular location, I was following it to the letter, for the most part. About half way there, I realized that, yeah, I was going to be early, crazy early, crazy, stupid early, and stopped for gas (I wanted to stop for a coffee or something but this area of Florida/Alabama is significantly lacking in drive-thru establishments and I wasn't about to get Claire our of her car seat for anything short of our destination. It took me forever to figure out how to pump said gas. This BP Station had really old pumps and I'm an Oregonian, so I've pumped gas maybe a dozen times in my entire life. . .three of these times were in the last six months and the others were all when we were living in California almost 4 years ago now. . .dang, you know, I've probably pumped gas less than a dozen times in my life. I still hate doing it. I know everyone is laughing at me and I just want to point to my license plate and say, "Oregonian! Not my fault!" 

So eventually we made it there with more than enough time to spare. Nursed Claire and went in. We'd paid ahead. We had special group rate so it was only $6 for me and $7.50 for Coryn (Coryn was more because her admission included a pumpkin), which, considering the amount of time we spent there that day, was a good deal. If you are in our area (we're in the Florida pan handle but the Corn Maze is in Alabama, which also meant I could add another state to my "states I've been to" list, nine total, if you count a layover in Atlanta as having been to Georgia), I'm not sure what regular admission is but they probably say on the website I linked above. 

Finally the time crept from "ridiculously early" to "just a bit early" and people started to arrive. We sat on the picnic tables near the entry to wait for a few stragglers. I pointed over at a scarecrow decoration and asked Coryn if she knew what it was. She informed me, "Yes! Those come alive and get people!" 

I explained that, no, that was only on Dr. Who, not in real life. I think she might've been mildly disappointed. I have managed to raise a child whose idea of fun is apparently fighting off animated scarecrows with a sonic screwdriver. I win!
The Entrance

The maze itself was made of living corn. This was actually my first corn maze as well, but I've heard a lot of them are made with dead and dried corn stalks. There was also an awesome bed of wildflowers growing all around the maze. Almost every flower had an insect on it, and when I say insect, I mean the awesome kind: butterfly, bumble bee, honey bee, and even some dragonflies. Later on one of the more rambunctious boys attempted to catch a bumble bee and ended up getting stung. I heard his mother ask him, "Well, what did you think was going to happen?"
Coryn of the Corn
Poor Claire. Our stroller literally does not fit in our car. I need to get an umbrella stroller to supplement, but at least I got an arm work out. She was such a sweet baby, but it was a long day for her.
Claire was such a good baby
At the entrance to the maze they gave us these maps but since Coryn was in charge of ours we didn't really consult it much. Coryn held on tightly to her map and fearlessly led the way, along with an older boy (about six) who, since Coryn is a giant, was roughly her size and probably didn't realize he was that much older. Coryn was in full out explorer mode. I had to call her back a few times because she raced ahead of me and the other moms. She was intrepid. I was really proud.

Coryn the Explorer
The maze was shaped  like the state of Alabama but I wouldn't have known that if they hadn't told me. It was just too big to get an idea of its shape from the ground. One of the other moms is married to a pilot and she mentioned that he'd actually seen it from the air and it is definitely shaped like Alabama. Inside there were stations named after different major Alabaman cities and signs showing the way. Some of these seemed to point to dead ends. We ended up finding five of the eight cities that were supposedly in there before ending up at the exit and just deciding we'd been in there long enough. 
One of the signs

She was very determined
When we went in they informed us that a big pig they kept for the "haunted maze" event they do at night had escaped that morning and messed up part of the maze and they'd just gotten him back in his pen right before we'd gotten there. Towards the back of the maze we actually ran into him. He didn't appear to be all that scary to me, though he was hairy and had some impressive tusks when he yawned. Coryn thought he was hilarious as did most of the other kids in our group.
After we had all made it out of the maze (not all at once, but they had a nice play area that Coryn could've hung out in for hours. . .she recently learned how to propel herself on the swings and whenever she can get on a swing she is in heaven. . . they also had large hay bales kids were climbing up on and jumping off of and Coryn and another, older boy, this one eight--being tall has led to her having more mature friends--were throwing hay at each other for awhile) we were escorted to the "Corn Cannon." This was an air cannon they were using to shoot rubber ears of corn at various targets. Claire did NOT like the noise and started to scream after a few shots. I carried her away but was able to watch Coryn take her shot. She loved it and told me over and over again that she'd knocked all the water bottles down.
The Corn Cannon
They also had a measuring station that was really cute. Coryn was actually taller than I thought she was. . .she won't stop growing.
My girl is so tall
And a cute scarecrow picture station . . .
When I told her we were coming here a few days before, Coryn had asked me over and over again what sort of activities there were, and the one she was most excited about was the petting zoo. I would've loved to spend more time there, for her sake, but it was hot, dusty, and smelly and Claire hated it. She was on meltdown mode by this point. Coryn was in heaven in the petting zoo. She seemed to spend the most time around the sheep, but they also had goats, donkeys, cows, llamas, and even a camel.
She was most excited for the petting zoo

they had a camel

but Coryn preferred the sheep
I was too preoccupied with Claire to get a picture of Coryn picking out her pumpkin or doing the "rubber duck" races. By that time we'd been there over two hours. We'd had a picnic lunch and all the fun we could ask for and there were still two activities left, the pig race and the hay ride, and Claire. . .oh poor Claire. She was fussing in my arms at every provocation and there were many. I personally could've skipped the pig races. For one thing the lady was trying to get the crowd warmed up and it was a little too loud for Claire. For another it was about fifteen seconds of race for five minutes of getting lined up and yelled at. . .I don't know what the point to this activity was. The pigs were cute, though.

Pig racing. . .must be a southern thing. 

Coryn was a little disappointed that the hayride was pulled by a tractor rather than a horse, but by that time I think she was tired even if she didn't admit to it, and it was nice to just sit for a bit. She did not want her picture taken. She scooted out of frame the first time, so I told her, fine, it would just be a picture of me and Claire. This reverse psychology actually seemed to work. . .or I thought it had until she made a pouty face right when the camera flashed. Shoot. A few minutes later, I glanced down and found Claire asleep in my arms, which was absolutely adorable. I wish I could've got a picture of that, but I couldn't get to my camera in my purse without waking her.

tired girls!

So that was our day. In the end we were ridiculously hot and sweaty and very much in need of a McDonald's or any other location that sells iced coffee. Thankfully Claire slept almost the entire way home. It was a pretty good time. 


  1. SOOOO cute! Looks like y'all had a good time, even in the heat! The girls are growing sooo fast!! :(

    1. Yeah, both my girls are very very very good at growing.


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