Nothing is going to get done

I'm having a bad day. I know it is all internal. Some of it may even be mental, but mostly I just can't seem to move through the wave of hormones that are making me achy and giving me weird hot flashes. I think my body is trying to regain equilibrium after the pregnancy. I managed to stay in bed for the longest time this morning. Claire was awake but she's got a pacifier addiction that kept her happy in her crib. Coryn was up playing computer games. I just lay there and tried to get back to sleep in spite of my head ache. I got up but didn't do much more than mope about in a sweat shirt, intentionally overheating myself (one of the few things that seems to improve these hormone mopes. I usually do a hot shower, but with Claire needing me I used the "bundled up" method.) . . .oh and vacuum the computer room floor because Caen had dropped half of his coat on it and Claire was picking it up.

When Claire went down for a nap at noon I got myself dressed, cleaned up the kitchen, and swept, but I'm not sure what else is getting done today. Today is mopping day, the day I'm supposed to do an extra good job on the floor. Due to Caen's presence, this is a very important task. I wish I could just vacuum Caen, but he's terrified of the vacuum. If I use the hose attachment he bites it. If I just push it around, he sits there and barks at it. If I'm in a good mood I push it towards him and say, "Exterminate! Exterminate!" That really gets him wound up.

Exterminate! Exterminate pet hair!
I thought about getting a roomba, but apparently they don't handle pet hair well which in my book makes them pretty much useless.

Claire also fears the vacuum. If she hears it going she freaks out, so I have to make sure she's secure before I start. I hate vacuuming but with Caen around, I'm probably going to have to do it more often. Hopefully Claire can recover.

I haven't had  a lot to say lately. I've been playing a lot of Nancy Drew and the Haunting of Castle Malloy which was part of the 5 pack of Nancy Drew games I got awhile back at Sam's Club. It's awesome! There was a puzzle/task to sheer sheep with a sheep sheering machine where you have to his a bunch of buttons to get certain sheep cuts. Coryn, who likes to watch me play, helped me pick which buttons to push and the result was a fluffy sheep with purple bows. She started giggling uncontrollably which of course made me giggle too. I'm also messing with an idea for a vest for Coryn. I kept trying different garment patterns but I wasn't liking the results so now I'm just winging it. Usually I end up making doll clothes when this happens, so we'll see how this ends up. Some of her favorite dress up clothes are crochet projects that simply aren't good enough to wear out of the house.

Well, that's it for now.