Stocking Up Etsy for Christmas

This year I'm going to make a sincere effort to have a full Etsy shop in time for Christmas orders. It isn't that I don't have the items made. It's that . . .well, it's mainly the pictures. I don't do photography. My camera is cheap because I am cheap and didn't want to spend too much on one. My settings aren't creative and I can never get the lighting right. I would much rather sell my stuff in person, but I haven't found any craft fairs or bazaars yet.

My critters are very tactile. I find that if I have a booth set up kids can't walk by without wanting to touch them and that leads to a sale about 50% of the time. On Etsy there is a lot of competition and if you are looking for a crocheted hat or toy, you'd have to wade through pages of similar listings before you get to mine. In person, my stuff comes across as original because most crochet divas stick to hats and scarves. I'm one of the few that makes stuffed animals her specialty.

Here is my latest creation:

My Panda

I want to post the pattern, but I didn't write it down as I went and I'm exactly sure on the head dimensions . . . yeah, it was one of those days where I was crocheting and watching CSI at the same time. That doesn't always end well. . .This is the panda that I had to start over because of Carlton's antics

But if you want your own Pablo Panda (I named him Pablo. I have no idea why, other than that it starts with P. . .He's not Latino, to my knowledge, but of course, I didn't ask.), you can purchase him on Etsy: Pablo the Palm-Sized Panda

I'm also going to post some turtle toys. Unlike the toys I've mentioned in previous posts (here and here) these are large sized.  I want to name them Yertle and Mac, but because that would probably tread on Dr. Suess's copyright, I'm leaning towards just sticking with T names, Travis and Taylor or Topper and Tipper maybe. Best turtle name? Dribble, of course, but again, I think its copyrighted. I wonder if I called it a "Tribute" I could get away with it. 

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  1. Those are ADORABLE! I came across your post through the Modest Mom linkup, but I also want to take the time to share an advertising spot on my website! If you buy a spot now, you'll get the rest of this month free and then your paid spot begins the 1st of November!

    Anyway, those are so cute! Great job!


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