The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Moms

A long while ago (it seems like forever ago in baby land), I blogged about my excitement to introduce solids to my second daughter and my plans to make home made baby food.  Well, I didn't count on Claire the Contrarian. Claire does not eat solid food. Where Coryn was gobbling down jars of baby food from four months on, Claire turned up her nose at my avocado puree even at eight months and prefers a liquid diet. She mocked my mushed up carrots. She refused my home roasted and mashed sweet potatoes.

Her method of choice is to grab the spoon and hold on for dear life. If I somehow maintain control over the spoon she responds by turning her head away, mouth clamped shut. Airplane noses were a no go. Sometimes I could tickle her and get her mouth to open, but when I popped the food in she got mad.

So my carefully prepared baby food is in the freezer or thrown out. We've sort of moved on now. She's still not sleeping through the night and I think it has to do with her tummy emptying out too fast (Sometimes I can just give her a pacifier but most of the time she wants to nurse) and I after several failed attempt to introduce baby food I upgraded her to "finger foods." We had some luck with slices of bananas and tiny cheese cubes. I even broke down and got some Gerber Graduates. Coryn loved these things, but I was being all thrifty and natural with Claire . . .who apparently also really loves Gerber Graduates. I have to admit vanilla flavored puffs smell pretty dang good.

So she's making progress. Today she ate most of a banana, some cheese, a handful or two of "graduates" (banana flavored which is gross to me, but she loves them), and a bunch of brown rice, though with the rice it was hard to tell how much actually ended up inside of her. The dog was grateful. He's learned to wait patiently until the food drops because he gets in trouble when he takes it off her tray. 

Claire has this cute move she does when she gets really excited about her food. She'll fill her fists with whatever she's excited about it, hold her hands over her head, and shriek! She'll do this with other things she gets excited about too (including my hair, ouch), but it's especially cute in her highchair with her face covered in mashed banana.

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