NaNoWriMo Update #1-Day3

So far this month (three days in) I've managed to meet my 1,600 words a day goal every day with a little to spare. Tonight I have already finished my word count but I've got a glass of wine and there is no reason to stop now. This, however, is where it gets difficult because now I'm at the "boring part" of the story between the introductions and the first pivotal plot points. . .Something needs to happen there but I'm not always sure what.

I usually force myself to write my stories "in order" because if I skip ahead and write the exciting parts I sometimes lose interest and stop writing the story. Sometimes I'll write down notes or a few paragraphs just so I don't forget my best ideas. I find if I keep writing through these transitional scenes sometimes whole new characters and plot lines pop up that I wasn't expecting, just to entertain me while I wait around for the big confrontation between the hero and the villain or that romantic scene where the girl and the guy finally kiss.

I'm happy with my tone for this novel and that is a big deal for me. I'm also writing almost every chance I get and that's a big deal. It is going to be harder when I actually get into the work week and have to do my cleaning and such. I'll need to avoid wasting my time in order to devote more of it to my novel.

Wish me luck.

Willamette Valley Wonder Woman