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I've mentioned in other posts my use of online survey site Crowdtap. I recently completed a sample and share hosted through them with Old Navy. I received a coupon for a free dress for myself and one to give to a friend (I chose my next door neighbor mostly because I don't interact with that many people locally yet. I hope she uses it, but if so she hasn't mentioned it yet.). I love going and collecting my free item. The cashiers always take my vouchers without question which is a plus as I've had issues at other stores where they have all but accused me of fraud when attempting to redeem offers in store. I wanted to link to the dress I did purchase on their website, but it is either no longer offered online or I am simply not as skilled at navigating basic websites as I thought I was because I couldn't find it. I'm guessing it is a seasonal item and they are phasing it out, but if you happen to have an Old Navy in your area, there were still plenty in stock in my local store, so I imagine you will find it in store if you choose to go check it out.

I should preface this by saying, I am NOT the fashionable friend in my circle . . . or any circle for that matter. I have weird taste. I don't like trendy clothes. When we were first married my husband informed me (this was in the days when he still bothered to say everything in a "nice" way) that I dressed like an artist. I took this to mean I had a nice, easy, Bohemian style. Since then he has commented that I tend to wear things that are "shapeless" when left to my own devices, so I guess my "flowy, peasanty" clothes are not his particular style. Since I generally do dress to impress him (self-expression is nice, but to be blunt, so is being enthusiastically and impulsively seduced because he comes home and likes how I look at that particular moment; definitely worth the extra effort), I keep that in mind when making my purchases, but it doesn't come easy to me. 

When I got to the store with my two kids in tow and my voucher in hand I was torn between a striped  3/4 sleeve dress with a narrow belt and a wrap dress. I've never had an actual wrap dress though I've had faux wraps and really loved them. I loved what the wrap did for my figure (it really cinched in my waist, accentuated my bust, etc; it would've needed a camisole but definitely a winner style and fit wise), but it was only available in electric blue and a green print that I didn't care for much. If they had had it in solid green it would've been my pick. They did have the green in a faux wrap but I didn't think the fit would be as good. I did hesitate a little with the striped dress because the skirt is above the knee and I do not find that to be a practical cut for me. I'm always on the ground. I like to sit cross legged. Where modesty is concerned, I'm a skirt's worst nightmare. Then I remembered the pair of black leggings I had picked up at a second hand store the other day (medium length story: I was actually shopping for Coryn but for some reason they were in the kids' section of the shop and I picked them up thinking they were a child sized small and got home and realized they were an adult sized small and actually fit me really well), and even with my limited style sense I kind of had an idea that this would work really well. 

Below you can see the outfit I put together when I got home:
The outfit I put together with my free dress
I went with a pair of boots but I wanted to wear this with black flats .  . . unfortunately, Caen, the dog, ate my new black flats and I feel bad just going out and buying another pair when we've been spending so much this month already (we just dropped over a thousand dollars on furniture). So, that is my sample and share experience. If you click on the crowdtap link at the beginning of the post you can sign up to be a part of the service and I get credit for you signing up. I do recommend this site. It takes very little time overall and can get you free clothes from time to time among other things.

what happens if I ask my husband to take my picture and don't supervise his use of "zoom"

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  1. So nice! It's perfect for colder weather, but not too warm when indoors with central heating. I'm glad it all came together (even with the leggings from the kid's section). Also, I don't think flats would have been as sexy. Your boots are perfect. :)

    Thanks for linking on my Sat. blog hop!

  2. I am a fan of stripes, and dresses--separate or worn together. Very nice. I am a new follower and I found you from the blog hop. :)

    I would love it if you enter the Rushing for Bagels current giveaway.

    1. Checked it out and entered. Thanks for dropping by!


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