Positive Customer Service at Old Navy

I've shared poor customer service reviews of outlets before, so I thought today I'd take the time to share a positive review that I am sending regarding my local Old Navy location. 

I just got back from a long day shopping with my two daughters, ages four and nine-months. My older daughter loves shopping and wants everything in your store. My younger is in that difficult age where if she gets fussy the whole trip comes to a premature end. We have always had a very positive experience at your stores. The employees at the fitting rooms are accommodating. We generally are using one of the stroller-carts provided at your stores and they make sure we get a fitting room I can fit myself, my girls, and my cart into. They're understanding with the chaos that my little group can cause and will let me use a fitting room to nurse if the need arises (The location I have been frequenting is at the Cordova Mall in Pensacola, Florida). I normally don't think any thing of how smoothly our shopping trips go (though I do give a positive review when I take the time to answer the survey on the receipts), but today after shopping your store we headed next door to the Ross outlet and the lack of accommodation was such a stark contrast that I felt I need to write both them and you and let them know what you are doing right and they are doing wrong. 

At the Ross outlet I went in and selected a clothing item which I needed to try on to be sure of the fit. I don't usually take a stroller shopping with me as my daughter is old enough to sit upright when buckled into a cart and so I was using the cart provided by the Ross outlet. I tried to go into the back only to be informed that, for whatever reason, I couldn't take my cart into the fitting rooms. When I asked why I couldn't and what they expected me to do with my baby when I was trying on jeans the employee got flustered and had to call a manager. The manager simply repeated that it was policy not to allow carts inside fitting rooms and that I could put my baby on the bench or the floor. Both of these options being unacceptable due to sanitary and safety reasons, I walked out and did not make a purchase.  This is the second time I've totally avoided making a purchase at this particular mall at another retailer because of rudeness or bad policies the employees were enforcing, but both times I've ended up purchasing items from your store with no difficulty in spite of my awkward entourage. I've found your employees to be friendly and helpful and this is why you will continue to have business that competitors at the same location have lost.

Heidi Lyn Burke
Pensacola, FL

From Grandma With Love


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