Santa's Helper Hat-Crochet Pattern

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I haven't posted an original pattern in awhile, but this week I came up with one that was so easy and cute that I thought I had to share it. I was in a big box store the other day and Coryn dragged me into the Christmas section. I say drag because I'm still resisting any Christmas activities until after Thanksgiving. . . well, except Christmas shopping. Generally, if I don't have the majority of my Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving, I feel behind. It normally starts in June when I am looking for something for my sister's birthday (at the end of July) when I find more than one "perfect" present for her and not being able to make up my mind, I buy both and reserve one of them for Christmas. That starts the dominoes falling and before I know it I've bought a present for everyone who is easy to buy for (which means everyone but my dad, my husband, and my in-laws, the "hard" people to shop for).

But decorating, Christmas music, and Christmas cards really should wait until after Thanksgiving (though it is handy to do the Christmas card list early if it tends to change from year to year the way mine does).

Anyway, Coryn dragged me excitedly into the "sparkly" aisles and there, on an end display with Santa hats and stockings there was this adorable Christmas tree hat. I turned it over in my hands a few times and then thought, "Yep, I can do this!"

Here is the hat from the store:

Tree Hat from

I knew I could make something as cute or cuter, but since the store I was at didn't sell yarn, I had to head across the street to box store number two and grab two skeins of green (was disappointed by the selection at this store as well. I'm probably going to stick with in the future).

Instead of being worked in a round like most of my hats this hat is crafted as a large triangle and then sewn up the side. Because it is narrow, if you use a stiffer yarn it stands straight up and looks very Christmas Elf (as opposed to Wood Elf, High Elf, Night Elf, etc). Noticing this, I decided to post pictures of it at this point rather than "trimming the tree" and showing it off as a tree hat. I will do that later and post new pictures if someone else wants to give it a go. The only tricky part will be the star on the stop but if you google star crochet patterns, you will find a lot of different options, so you can get started on that without me if you like. I am torn right now between decorating it with buttons, puff balls, or yarn circles. Buttons would be absolutely adorable, don't you think? It would mean another shopping trip, though, so we'll see.

Coryn as Santa's Helper
To start with you'll want to make a chain long enough to circle your child's head (or your own head if you'd like). Remember that yarn is stretchy! For Coryn this was 77 chains. Add three stitches for the first double crochet and then double crochet in the third chain from the hook.

Double crochet down the length of the chain. Remember when working in double crochets you want to count the chain three at the start of every row as if it were a double crochet stitch. If you don't your piece will shrink (or in the case of this project where you will be intentionally reducing, it will reduce at the wrong rate).

I chose color A to be a dark green and color B a lighter green, since my ultimate goal is for it to look like a tree. You could do it all in one color or in other colors as well. I think this would look really nice in red and white or green and white (think peppermint stick) or red and green, but I digress.

So the first row is worked straight (no reductions), but after that you'll want to reduce as follows:

R2, Decrease in the first two stitches (DCD), work in DC down the length of the piece until the last two stitches (one of which will be the chain three at the beginning of the first row, remember we are treating it like a stitch) DCD these two together and chain three and turn.
R3-7, repeat R2, at the end of R7 switch to color two if you are choosing to do stripes.
R8-14, Repeat R2
Switch colors again at the end of R14.
Now in order to get the hat to be narrow and conical we need to increase our decreases. Isn't that fun to say? Increase the decrease! Make it so!
R15-21, DCD twice, work down the length in DC until the last four (again, chain three=stitch), DCD twice again, chain three and turn.
Switch colors.
R22-28, repeat R15-21
Switch colors
R29-35, repeat R15-21 one last time,
Switch colors one last time,
R36-37, same old, same old, repeat DCD twice, work through, DCD twice more
R38 (Last row) Reduce three times. This should leave you with about four stitches across. If you have more or are working a different size you probably are still going to want to finish up here because the hat won't stand up if you make it much taller. You may have a little less of a pointy top, but you can adjust that a bit when you sew it up.

Rows complete not yet sewn up
 So, now you should have a large triangle. When I reached this point it came to mind that this could make a pretty cool Christmas tree decoration/wall hanging on its own with just a little tweaking. I might work on that later.
folded in preparation for sewing
 Fold the piece in half so the two sides meet (go from an obtuse to an acute angle!). Make sure you keep them lined up evenly as you sew
Sewing up the side
 Sew the piece shut. You are going to turn it inside out when you are done so your seams don't have to be pretty or perfect, just sturdy.
if you are striping, the colors will show, but the piece will be turned inside out
 When you get to the bottom, turn the piece inside out and you are ready to go!
the finished project
I hope you like it and can give it a try. Still trying to decide whether to decorate it or not. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions as to decorating it. Thanks!


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