A Product Recommendation and a Helpful Hint

The other day I was at Walmart purchasing construction paper and I ran into a product called "Mead Writing Fundamentals: 4-in-1 Learn to Letter." I purchased them on a whim. They are definitely more expensive than a plain lined writing pad or letter tracing worksheets you can print up from online, but they have one major advantage: indented letters. The actual lines of the letter are stamped into the paper which makes it exceptionally easy for learning writers to write along. Coryn loves her work sheets. This one has sections for the capital alphabet, the lower case alphabet, and then a blank section with just raised ruling and no letters. Definitely one of my top discoveries of the month.

I also decided yesterday to give apple cider vinegar hair rinsing a go. I can't remember where I stumbled onto this tip. I don't think it was Pinterest because I remember after I read the article I tried to pin it and there weren't any good pin-able images, but I filed it away in my head even if I can't provide a link to it right now. The article basically said that rinsing your hair in apple cider vinegar will restore/balance/something like that the Ph and leave it soft and shiny, so I rinsed my hair with apple cider vinegar and at first the smell was a little off putting but after a few water rinses, it was fine but not noticeably anything great. This morning however, I noticed that my hair did feel a little softer and brushed out a bit easier. I might have to try it once or twice more before I swear to this rinsing stuff, but I normally shampoo every day and I didn't shampoo yesterday and my hair felt awesome for the majority of the day today (I'm just now getting to the point where I feel I really need to was it again. My hair tends towards the oily). 


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