Apparently Carlton Wants Presents

So  . . . to start with a few days ago I caught Coryn with a partially unwrapped Christmas present and didn't really believe her "the cat did it" explanation. Thankfully, I didn't punish her for it (it was only a little tear) because apparently the dang cat did do it. I've caught him shredding wrapping paper multiple times since then. I guess he likes the sound it makes, but it is a pain and tonight I basically had to re-wrap everything. It could be worse, I supposed; when I was younger I had a cat named Pepper who liked to climb the Christmas tree which sometimes resulted in a horizontal tree.

I got a free sample of rooibos tee from Twinings this week. It is a calming tea, an herbal rather than a true tea so caffeine free (I actually have a decent tolerance for caffeine and don't consider it a danger to my health. I mean, it occurs naturally in so many things that have health benefits that I have to believe we were meant to consume a little bit of it from time to time. . . or a lot all of the time. . .or something). It is also called Red Tea and I believe it is the tea they are referring to when they talk about "bush tea" in the Number One Ladies Detective Agency. Twinings isn't my go to tea company (that's Stash, mainly because they are based in Oregon and I just like seeing that on the label) but I did enjoy the tea bag they sent. I know Stash sells a rooibos blend or two but it is hard to find that particular brand for sale where I am currently living, though I might add it to my next online order.

In other news today at the store Coryn was insisting that she was twenty, so I told her she would have to move out and get a job and some random middle age dude approaches me and asked if I wanted to mentor his son. . . I think he was joking. I hope.

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