Baby Socks: Crochet Pattern

Ah, baby socks, you annoying little, adorable monsters. I really prefer footy pajamas for non-walkers, but a lot of Claire's newest pajamas sets are footless and with the colder weather we've had lately her poor little toes have been a little chilly. . .and she had outgrown all the socks she had gotten as a baby. Me being me, I didn't want to go buy some socks at this point, so I took a couple of hours and made a pair.

This pattern draws heavily off of the Christmas stocking pattern that I have used before with a few obvious differences in size and style. They don't take very much yarn. I used a G hook, but other sizes will work. Remember that yarn stretches a little so they may not need to be as big as you would think they should be. 

Here are the finished socks. I made them for my one-year-old. The size can easily be adjusted just by making changing the amount of rows on the ankle and foot portions or using a finer yarn and smaller hook. 

I chose to give the ankle part of the sock a ribbed look by working through the back loops only similar to what I did for my sun hat patterns. With your choice of yarn, chain 20 then single crochet into the first chain loop so you have a loose ring. You will be working around and around. I find if I'm going to mess up the project it will be here in the very beginning. I'll twist my chain when working around it and end up making some sort of bizarre moebius strip. If this happens to you, it is fine. Just unravel and start again. You should catch it before you've finished the first row. I haven't found a good trick for avoiding this error and I do it from time to time even though I know to watch for it. Sometimes chains just like to twist. 

So anyway, sc around. You do not need to chain at the end of each row. Just keep working around, back loops only. Do this for four rows. Then it is time to make the heel. 
After seeing the socks on the baby my husband suggested that the cuff/ankle part needs to be a little bit higher so that they aren't so easy for the baby to slip out of. So far Claire has not removed hers, but I did just finish them, so I might take this into account the next time I make a pair. If you have a child who likes to remove socks, making them cuff longer by several rows would possible be an improvement on this pattern for you as well. 

At the end of the fourth row, ch 1 and turn. Sc 8 times (working both front and back loops from now on), ch 1 and turn; sc 4 times, ch1 and turn; sc 2 times, ch 1 and turn. 
Sc in the two scs of the previous row and in one sc of 4 sc row, ch 1 and turn. 
Sc in the 3 sc of the previous row and also in the first sc beneath the heel. Ch 1 and turn. Continue doing this until the heel has been created. For a more detailed tutorial on this method, check out the stocking pattern I linked above. When all of the sc of the 8 sc row have been "devoured" by the advancing heel, you are ready to work on the foot portion of the sock. 

To join the heel to the cuff, on your last heel row put your crochet hook  through the side portion of the heel, draw one loop through, then sc into the first sc of the heel row as shown below. 

Sc around the cuff row to the other side of the heel and repeat the scd (which is basically what I described just now) on this side and continue around in sc. 

Continue single crocheting around for 10 rows or until the foot is large enough for your baby. Then, to make the toe, hold the piece flat so that there is a distinct top and bottom. You want to scd twice, once on each side of the top and then again once on each side of the bottom, so four decreases per round. After two rounds of this the toe should be formed enough that you can slip stitch up the hole at the end, finish off, and weave under your loose yarn. All done!


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  1. So pretty. I learned to crochet when I was on the first grade. A cousin taught me. We used to do crochet projects in school, too...

  2. These are the cutest things ever. Thanks so much for linking up :)

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

    1. I'm almost done with a second pair in purple cotton yarn with a higher cuff. I'm not sure which is cuter. Anything for babies is +5 for cuteness.


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