Candle Swap Success Story!

I recently participated in my first online swap even hosted by Dawn's Disaster and Unorganized Chaos.  It was a candle swap! How cool is that! Candles are awesome. I remember when I was a kid my mom had all these candles she would never light because they were just too pretty. I'm kind of the opposite when it comes to candles. I like to use and abuse them (when I was a young child I used to eat them; sorry, Mom), so they never last very long.

I also really liked the idea of connecting with another blogger over a mutual gift exchange. My partner in the exchange was Jaime with Mom's Test Kitchen.

Honestly, my first thought on getting paired with Jaime was, isn't there a celebrity chef with this name. Yeah, but it is a British guy, not a sweet southern lady, so not the same person . . .I think. . .However, Jaime is a bit of a Chef in her own right so that works out. You should check out all the recipes she has on her blog. So that is awesome too and now I have so many new things to make for dinner!

Hmm. . .so, awesome recipes and a new blogger friend. There was something else I was going to talk about here . . .what was it. . .Oh! Candles!

My gorgeous new happy candle has been trying to find a proper home. I had it in the middle of my dining room table for awhile then it moved to my happy window sill where I keep things that make me happy, and it is now on my nightstand.


Look at her glow!
You know they have videos on youtube totally devoted to watching candles burn. I guess for people who are extremely pyrophobic but still enjoy candlelight.

So thank you, Jaime, for my new candle!