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A quick tour around Pinterest will reveal endless options for "hand print" or "foot print" art. A lot of it is holiday themed, and I always pin to try for later and forget . . . isn't that the way with 90% of pins? Today, however, was art project day and we actually did two pieces of handprint art. You can see several versions of different Christmas hand print art here on my Christmas themed Pinterest board.

First we made these adorable reindeer. I did mine so that Coryn would see how. By the way, if you have a paint set that doesn't include brown, I found out you can mix red and green to get the color I used above, which isn't the prettiest brown but it is sufficient.

We also made this Christmas Tree. I loved this design which the original pinner had done on a canvas and made some very nice heirloom art. I didn't have a canvas but I did have a sheet of brown, thick paper that was inside of a roll of wrapping paper I had recently finished (what happened to those brown cardboard tubes they used to be wrapped around? We used to use them as swords and beat the heck out of each other until the "swords" unraveled like a biscuit dough package. Good times.).

One scary thing came out of this, though: I realized that Coryn's hands are already almost as large as mine. I mean, look at those deer. Can you tell that one is an adult's hand print and the other is an (almost) five-year-old? I know I have small hands (I'm 5'4'' but even for my height I have small hands. My sister is the same height as me and I used to think it was hilarious to hold my hands up to hers because her fingers continued for another half inch or so after mine ended . . . my husband is 6'5'' and one of his hands makes up three or four of mine), but this is ridiculous. Stop growing, child! I mean it!

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  1. Hi Heidi,
    These are so adorable. Thank you for sharing.
    I have nominated you for a Liebster Award. Check out my blog tomorrow for more details.


    1. I'm familiar with the Liebster and the tag posts. Thanks for the nominations. I'll pop by your blog tomorrow and check it out.

  2. HAHA! Your kiddo does have the same problem as my little guy:)
    Might as well get those hand print art projects in while their hands still fit!!

    Following you back!



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