Old Navy Sample Review: Active Wear

Once again I qualified for an Old Navy sample and share event on Crowdtap! Say Yay! (Yay!)

I get so excited when I'm up for one of these events. Who doesn't love free stuff? This time I was super stoked to see that the sample and share was for active wear. I have blogged about hating exercise before (here and here), but as much as I hate exercise, I adore yoga pants. I hate sweat pants. I see all these posts about how women just want to wear sweat pants, but I don't get that. Sweat pants make me feel like I am physically ill. It's like wearing your pajamas all day, and that always makes me feel sick, mostly because I only do it when I am sick. I'm much more comfortable in jeans, but I generally sleep in yoga pants. I like how they look on me. I wouldn't wear them in public but I like to put them on and dance around my husband.

So, yeah, yoga pants = good.
Exercise = tolerated for the sake of looking better in yoga pants.

The voucher I received from Crowdtap was for one active wear top and one bottom. I already knew I wanted yoga pants, and being practical I had figured the top would be another compression bra. There is this episode of Doctor Who where Cassandra, the last human who has had so much plastic surgery she is literally flat, manages to transport herself into the body of the Doctor's companion Rose and her reaction to being 3D again is something like, "Oooh, curves, it's like living in a bouncy castle." Any woman more than a B Cup knows what I mean when I say that any cardio exercise without a good sports bra can be a little bit ridiculous. Since I had my first daughter I've been consistently a C Cup or above, depending on my weight and current lactation state, and I need a full out compression bra if I don't want to feel ridiculous while I'm doing jumping jacks. I had purchased two compression bras at Old Navy several months ago and I would highly recommend them. They are streamlined looking as well and since they are both high cut and made of a very sturdy fabric, I don't feel weird if they poke out through the sleeves of my exercise tanks or even above the collar. You aren't going to spill out of these.

However, when I got there I found out my coupon actually qualified me for these awesome running jackets. They had them in purple too. I felt like Rose when I put them on (the above mentioned companion of the Doctor who has a very cool but casual style). I don't know why. I just did. They also cover your hands with a thumb slot to stick your thumb through so you have free fingers for running in cold weather (not a big deal here in Florida, but it will be nice if I get to go back home to Oregon any time soon). Sweet!

The yoga pants were a simpler matter. I took a little bit of time deciding between full length and knee length and went full length mainly because they had the purple waste band (hidden under the jacket and the top of my tank in this photo). All in all it was a ridiculously quick but good shopping experience. I even grabbed a wrap dress on my way out. I had tried one on during my last sample and share and loved the style and fit but not necessarily any of the colors they had on hand. Since then, however, they had gotten a few different colors in stock and I found one that was a solid plum color that I quite liked and since it had moved to the clearance rack, I snatched it up on my way out.

All in all another great experience. I've worn the pants to bed and for a little bit of indoor cardio and sat around in the jacket feeling cool (Fezzes are cool. Stetsons are cool. Bow-ties are cool, but my new jacket is super cool.) a bit. Can't wait to workout in them some more (just wish I could do it in my sleep).