Things That Make Me Happy: Christmas Edition

Wow, I am certainly making up for my NaNoWriMo break I took in November (break in that I posted a lot less on my blog than usual, though I did write every day on my novel project). I guess it is the Christmas season. There is just so much about this time of year that excites me be it the music or the sparkles or the gift giving, especially the Greatest Gift, the gift God gave so long ago and continues to give through His love and forgiveness.

I am much better about writing about the little joys than I am about big, deep things. I was once told that I write happy well. I think that's simply because I've had much more experience with happy than sad. I've seen how the world can work when it does work according to plan and even the hard times in my life, which are significantly less hard than many of my peers, have always ended up for good. Because of this I have a lot of faith that good things can and will happen and that often being kind is rewarded. I savor little pleasures because why shouldn't I? That's what they are there for.

Some small joys?

Let's start with a product recommendation that I have been in no way paid for, I just really like this product:

Christmas Morning Tea by Stash Tea is probably my all time favorite blend of tea. It is, unfortunately, seasonal, but I try to buy extra every year. This year I got a coupon for $10 off any order $10 and above from and spent it all on Christmas Morning Tea. Since I had the coupon code I only had to pay shipping. A bonus is that I accidentally forgot to correct my shipping address from my old address to my new address and they were quick to fix it when I emailed them, so good times all around. If you sign up for their email newsletter you will get access to regular coupon codes which is awesome if, like me, you are a habitual tea drinker.

I also love decorating, though not to the extent of a lot of my peers. I stumbled on this Pin last year showing a Christmas ornament curtain. I didn't have a window that I could use this exact set up on, but I did use it as inspiration to hang ornaments from my dining room chandelier

And string them across one of my kitchen windows, connecting to the shutters on either side because I didn't have the curtain rod set up used in the original pin. 

I'm also hard at work on a crocheted Nativity scene:

I have a lot of pieces yet to make, but here are three of them (Mary, Joseph, and a partially finished angel). I am working off of this pin here. The original pattern is in Spanish so you have several options: google translator works fairly well; you can try and translate using your own Spanish skills; and the pictures are pretty self-explanatory. I'm using a combination of two and three and I'm pretty proud at how my long neglected Spanish language knowledge is holding up.

Oooh, and I found these Christmas Hand Towels in the dollar bin at Target:

Aren't they fun?

Well, that's it for now! Merry Christmas to all of you!

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  1. I love that tea also :) I am a big tea drinker, since I always seem to run cold it's a great comforting way to warm me up! Plus the taste is delicious. Love the nativity, very cute :)

  2. Cute hand towels! Enjoy your holidays and thanks for linking on my Picture Perfect Party Link!

  3. Lovely and fun things you have. I never thought of crocheting a nativity scene!


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