Very Pink Peppermint Bark

Merry Christmas!
I am starting off with this extremely cute picture of my little one helping me decorate because I am about to humiliate myself with a story about me attempting to make candy. I am not a good baker. I am a decent cook, but I am way too careless and haphazard to be a good baker. I eyeball things. I just kind of throw them in. I hate measuring. I start off reading the recipe on the right hand page and then halfway through throw in the ingredients from the left hand page and make a Franken-recipe which is a little of each, generally by accident. My success rate is, maybe, 25% and that's being kind.

This is hard, especially around Christmas, when people love to gift sweet things. Last week I burnt peppermint bark. Two ingredients, limited cooking, and I burnt it. This week I decided to give it another go with a recipe for something called "White Chocolate Peppermint Crunch."

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Doesn't it look gorgeous? Again it was pretty simple, and I thought, what could go wrong? I underestimated by ability to make something go wrong, of course. For starters, the last time I made peppermint bark I got frustrated trying to crack up the starlight mints. It took forever and I got them everywhere and Matt was complaining about the floor being sticky (he actually suggested I eat his socks because he claimed they were peppermint crusted.) so I decided to look for some pre-crushed peppermint bits. I found these:

a new ingredient appears. . .
Andes Peppermint Crunch Baking Chips. Okay, says peppermint and crunch in the name. This should work.

Well, not quite. I heated up the candy coating called for in the recipe and added the oil and butter. . .impressively smooth. At this point I was optimistic. Then I stirred in my peppermint chips and it all went pink, super pink, dare I say, pepto-pink. Apparently these chips melt when exposed to warm candy, so I don't see how they are justified in calling them crunchy. They disappeared completely in the melted candy leaving no crunch at all.

The flavor was actually pretty good. I spread it out on some wax paper and stuck some (whole and uncrunched) starlight mints on top just to give it a little bit of something other than pink. It kind of looked like buttons on a pink shirt, so if I had to name this concoction I would call it "Elf Buttons."

The good news? It tastes pretty good. I took it out of the fridge a couple of hours later and broke it into pieces. While I was doing so the little girl from next door came and asked Coryn if she would come out and play so I gave her a piece. She actually brought me a hand drawn card to say thank you a little bit later . . . and asked if she could have some more. I had been making it to share with people anyway, so I gave her a bag to take home. We still have a good deal left. It's pretty dang tasty.

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  1. What a great and creative name...Elf buttons! You may have just created a whole new sensation. :)

    1. to make the name more appropriate, if I decide to do them again, I would probably find a way to make each piece of candy round with a single mint in the middle, probably by making them in the bottom of a cupcake liner.

  2. Are the whole mints hard to bite into?? I've seen those Andes mint things too and wondered how they would work in something like this....thanks for testing it out!! :) I'm sure all of our girls would love the pink color though!! I LOVE peppermint bark....I made a white and milk chocolate peppermint bark last year to pass out to Travis' single marine guys at work. I ended up eating probably half of it myself!

    1. They can be a little but since they are big pieces I generally end up eating around them and then just sucking on them until they are gone.


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