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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Caen: Furry Security

I think I mentioned casually in one of my last posts that Matt was gone. Thankfully this isn't a deployment or anything long term; it is just two months of training, out of state but still in the country. It still feels like a long time, but he is somewhere safe and in reach if we really need him. I haven't talked a ton about it partially because I was iffish about mentioning it at all. I don't think telling the world that your husband is deployed is good "opsec" as the military puts it. When we were limited to AFN (Armed Forces Network) channels while stationed in Japan, we were subjected to dozen of public safety spots encouraging us to practice good "opsec" (operation security), basically it is the modern version of "loose lips sink ships," or what not. Not that I think terrorists are going to get a hold of my husband's schedule, but I know as a woman alone I am at higher risk for crime, so it is best not to advertise that it is just us girls in the house. However, there aren't that many readers of this blog, most of you don't know my address anyway, and we have our own security system named Caen.

Furry, sad eyed security system misses his daddy
Caen is still really a puppy, but he is a large puppy, jet black with shiny white teeth and huge paws. I've had at least two instances of him freaking out solicitors to the point of them fleeing, all the while with him wagging his tail and waiting for them to rub his ears. Some people are just really afraid of large dogs.

The first time it happened he was only about six months old and hardly full grown (he's probably about as tall as he is going to get now, but he has some weight to gain). I opened the door to a pair of Jehovah's Witnesses with Caen at my side. One of the ladies was carrying an umbrella, I guess for sun protection, it wasn't raining, and when she saw Caen she shrieked, pulled the umbrella down to cover her face until she kind of resembled a large toadstool and just started shuddering and whimpering while he sat there and wagged his tail at her. He wasn't even jumping so I said, "He doesn't bite." The one who wasn't afraid got annoyed with me but I'm not sure what she wanted me to do about it. Caen wasn't being bad and they did come to my door. After a few minutes of the one hyperventilating and the other repeating that her companion was scared of dogs (I could kind of see that but I didn't feel like shutting him in the house and stepping outside to listen to a spiel from Watchtower) they said they'd come back later and never did. Maybe I could've been a little more sympathetic, but I have honestly never seen anyone react that way to a non-aggressive dog before.

The next time was actually hilarious. I opened the door to a teenage boy who upon seeing Caen let out a yell and took off running. Caen thought he was playing and took off after him. I shouted at the kid to stop running and he'll stop chasing you. The kid stopped and I called Caen back to the door. The kid, looking a little sheepish, stood at the end of the yard and asked if I needed any lawn work done. I said no and he left.

Caen's reaction is always a sad sort of "what did I do? Why don't they love me?" face. I know he isn't always a perfect puppy. If he gets excited he jumps on people and with him being so large that can end badly. Also, sometimes he won't listen for anything! Still, I feel a lot safer for having my furry buddy sleeping by my bed while Matt is gone.

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  1. I'm sure he misses his daddy. I'm glad you have him. I see in the labels that he's a German shepherd breed. Those are lovely dogs. You might not want to advertise that he's friendly to strangers at the door. People are scared of our sweet mixed breed, but that's why we have him. In South Africa, there are often homes being broken into. Thankfully, in our area, the house break-ins haven't been of the violent kind. We had a break-in in Namibia and one here, before we got our dog.

    We also see the power of prayer at work, because we pray protection every day and night for our home and family plus pets and we haven't had a break-in in years. Our next-door neighbors have a Rottweiler, Doberman and a few other dogs plus their home is walled in with burglar bars on windows and doors and they've been broken into twice (our house is a much softer target) and our other neighbor opposite us just the other day.

    Sending a prayer your way. :)

    Tina - Amanda's Books and More

    1. Prayers are always appreciated. He is friendly but when he thinks something is a threat he can get a little bit menacing. I'm afraid he is going to bite the vacuum cleaner in half someday, for instance, and the garbage trucks on Wednesday send him into a barking fit.
      He is actually working dog shepherd stock which means his breeder specifically breeds dogs fit for police and military duty, not show dog quality, but definitely a very strong, intelligent animal.

  2. Our Annah (also a german shepherd) used to scare people all the time too! We had a delivery guy ring our doorbell and I answered the door and shut it behind me. Next thing I knew, she jumped up on the door (we had a decorative window in the door where you couldn't see through it but you could see the outline if it was close enough) and was barking. The delivery guy almost dropped everything in his hands and took off running! It was pretty funny! We even had people scared of our itty bitty mutt when she'd sneak out the front door. I can understand being scared of the big ones (german shepherds just have a look about them anyways - even with their tails wagging) but the little ones?! lol

    Travis actually did some police type training with Annah there in Crestview. It's a bit of a drive but there is a really nice policeman that also trains his dogs and others. All of his dogs have like the highest level of certification in their work. I don't know if you guys were interested in that, but I'm sure Travis still has the number if you want it! :)

    1. maybe sometime. That's sort of Matt's department.

  3. Ha! I have a 90lb lab and he is the same way. He is 3 now but he still acts like a puppy. He just has so much energy and gets so excited and people are scared of him even though he is harmless. He has chased after plenty people!

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    1. Thanks for visiting. I'm going to go take a look at your blog right now before I get distracted by anything crazy happening around here.