Claire the Bear is One-Year-Old

Someday's I feel a little bit like Dan in the all too quickly canceled show "The Good Guys." Not because I have an obsession with the by-gone 80's, a distaste for rules, or a love of mustaches and muscle cars, but because I often feel overwhelmed by this world of computer machines and smarty phones. Well, in my case it would be just the smarty phones. When I'm around the house my laptop is sort of my ball and chain. It goes where I go, but when I am out and about I'm gleefully disconnected. What little contact I have with technology is limited to my basically just for emergencies not so smart phone and arguing with the GPS system my brother-in-law who works for a company that makes the dang things got me.

I really miss this show
That said, there are some times that I really wish I had me one of them there smarty phones (I basically  just used this intro as an explanation of why I call the dang things "smarty phones." That's what Dan referred to them as and I do it in his honor . . . even though, honestly, Jack was my preference on that show. Colin Hanks, who played him, is such a lanky, lovable teddy bear.).

While my cell phone is practical and cheap it does not take good pictures, and today while we were out and about in honor of Claire's first birthday there were times I really would've liked to take a picture.

Yes, as of today, baby Claire is one-year-old. Can you believe it? Seems like only yesterday she was little and pink and brand new.
Claire a year ago
 We don't have anything huge planned in honor of this day. I kind of started out knowing that we would have some ice cream and unwrap some presents, but there wasn't going to be a party. After all, it is just the three of us, and Claire won't even remember it. She does, however, love ice cream. After her morning nap, I got out the gift card my grandmother sent for Claire's birthday and determined to go pick something special out for her. We ended up heading to Toys R' Us (which my GPS called Toys R. U. S; silly GPS computer machine.). Once there my method for making sure Claire got something she really wanted out of the gift card was to hold things up to her and see if A. she reached for them and B. if she kept a hold of them. Through this method she ended up with two stuffed animals, a rubber ducky, and a board book (we went about $2 over the gift card). She was especially cute about the softies, one a penguin the other a giraffe. She had her arm around the penguin and her hand around the giraffe's neck the entire time we were in the store and I had to pry the penguin out of her arms to check out with it.

We then stopped by McDonald's and got a McFlurry (Claire really does adore ice cream) and she was sweetness incarnate. We have some presents to unwrap later (she's napping right now), but I just wanted to say how proud I am of the Princess Imp, the Baby Boss, the Beautiful Claire Bear. We love you, Claire Bear!

Beautiful Claire Bear

silly Claire Bear

Focused and Determined Claire Bear

Curious Claire Bear

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  1. aww!! I can't believe she's already ONE!! Happy birthday sweet girl!!!!


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