Coryn's birthday

To start with my own little super hero, the girl who told me the other day that she wished she could be a Doctor and travel in the TARDIS and then said a prayer that God would make her a Time Lord, the girl who chose Avenger themed wrapping paper for her presents, the girl who often randomly informs me that she is a cat, or a dog, or a Weeping Angel. . . that little girl, my first little girl, is Five today. (blogger note: because I didn't actually get around to editing this to my satisfaction until the next morning, today means yesterday in this context)

So brave and beautiful
Captain Ballerina! The Ultimate Superhero
An Expression for every situation

Happy Birthday,  Coryn! 

You find out interesting things about a child when involving them in birthday planning. I mentioned the Avengers wrapping paper? That was a surprise. Also, when I asked her what she wanted for her birthday dinner she wanted a fast food hamburger. That ended up being lunch so that night I asked her again what she wanted if she could "have any food in the whole world" for dinner. I half expected a request for another McDonald's run (she loves hamburgers), but instead she wanted eggs adding, "Because I'm the birthday girl I get to crack them!" 

Coryn is, at the same time, very easy and very hard to shop for. For one thing, there are a lot of really cool things I want her to have within a reasonable price range. I'm a huge fan of just about everything made by Melissa and Doug, she loves story books, she loves games. I always have lots of ideas for her and am generally done shopping very early for her (before Christmas). On the other hand, if you ask her what she wants she comes up with really random things. Last year for Christmas, after I was done shopping she started asking for a "doll with pink hair." I have no idea where she saw such a thing; it wasn't available in our local exchange (we were in Japan at the time and there weren't a ton of shopping options), and I made the mistake of brushing aside this as a whim. After Christmas she was still asking for a doll with pink hair. I think I eventually got her a Barbie that met this description, but she still changes what she wants multiple times before every holiday and also can come up with the most random stuff leaving me scrambling last minute to add something onto the list. 

However, with Matt gone I was really stressed out--losing sleep over it level stressed out which is a lot for me (I don't stress; I'm kind of a weird mix between zen and just blissfully unaware of what is going on around me 90% of the time)--about how we were going to make her birthday special. We are still really new to our area and we have not made the connections I hoped we would. Coming from Iwakuni where pretty much everyone was in the same boat (the Marine Corp boat, the young families with children boat, the OMGOSH! THERE IS NOTHING TO DO ON THIS BASE boat. . . you get the idea.) and transitioning to living off base for the first time in our marriage has been different. I won't say "stressful" but in some ways it has been disappointing. It would help if we could settle into a church, but that's always been a struggle for me, finding a way to fit in at churches. I generally just have to make myself go even though I don't feel I fit in. I find most churches are accepting of us square pegs even if we aren't accepting of ourselves within the context of church. Sure, I feel I have nothing in common with 90% of other church goers (I have nothing in common with 90% of everybody for the most part) I have always found that they are happy to have me and make an effort on my behalf even while I am sitting there, crocheting a wall around myself (I crochet in church. Not sure if that is acceptable or not, but I do it). So anyway, I managed to pull together a handful of kids she knows for a get together tomorrow but for today we were on our own.

Well, not completely on our own. When we got home today from doctors appointments and shopping (I scheduled a doctors appointment on my daughter's birthday like a horrible mommy and yes, there were shots) I found this sign on our door:

We have very sweet neighbor girls (two of the members of that not quite unexpected party . . . is it bad that I can't type the word party without making a Tolkien reference?). They also took apart several pink flowers and made a path up to our door but it was somewhat scattered by the weather and wouldn't make for good pictures.

Anyway, after the doctors (Claire felt so betrayed by the shots. Poor, sad baby.) we went to McDonald's for Coryn's special birthday lunch. That's her idea of gourmet, fast food hamburgers. Several of the McDonald's in our area have discounted Happy Meals on Tuesdays and Thursday, but Coryn wanted a "big person sandwich" so she got a full sized hamburger and devoured all of it plus half an order of fries. However, apparently the biggest consumers of half price Happy Meals are adults so she got two toys just on the virtue of being the only kid (besides Claire) in the restaurant. Claire perked up a bit and ate some fries and a few bites of chicken nugget. Then we headed to Walmart. It was a few hours from Claire's nap but she was traumatized and sleepy and fell asleep on the way. She was understanding when I picked her up and put her in the cart, even being well behaved while we got the juice and batteries we were there for. We also picked up A FISH!

It was an impulse buy but Coryn carried him proudly the whole time we were in the store. His name (and gender) has changed several times according to Coryn, but apparently he is now Doctor Lindon (or just Lindon). He has become a bit of a disappointment because he doesn't really do much.

 She also told about a dozen random Walmart employees and shoppers that she was five today.

 I had planned to bake cupcakes for the get together tomorrow but she convinced me to buy some Hello Kitty cupcakes from the bakery so we ended up with those too.
Here Coryn is that night with our not very home made baking supplies. Cake boss we are not. I colored the frosting pink and she used a spoon to sprinkle silver sugar on top. When we were done I left my sticky daughter for a minute to turn on the bath and came back to find her eating spoonfuls of the leftover sugar sprinkles. Omgosh. . .
One good thing about a January birthday is that we had Valentines Day options for a lot of things. We ended up with heart themed cups and napkins. I think Coryn enjoyed her birthday. 


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