Gear Motif Pattern

I have an aunt who gets to go to conventions. Like Steam Punk conventions, Science Fiction Conventions; she is constantly in costume and sometimes I'm a little bit jealous.

But anyway, she recently asked me if I was able to crochet some gears for her. It wasn't a project that had ever come to mind before but I've always said that if you can imagine it, I can probably crochet it. I asked her for an example of what she wanted and she sent me a link to this deviant art page (picture below is from that link, attributed to Mina L).

There wasn't a pattern provided, but I speak crochet and a little bit of guess work later I came up with the following examples:

Not exact by any means but pretty dang close. After some further tweaking (and switching to a very small hook; it says size 6, and I'm used to the letter sizes so I'm not sure where that lands on the scale but it is the smallest I own, one of many inherited from my great-grandmother Marie, I believe.) I refined the pattern to this:

I'm using glamour yarn so it is kind of shiny and metallic.

To start off, chain 10 and join with a slip stitch to make a ring. Single crochet 15 times in the ring (not in the stitches, but into the ring itself, sort of around the stitches if that makes sense).

into the ring, not the stitches

the end of the first row
For the second row, sc twice in each space around, 30 stitches total

the end of the second round
Now we want to make the spokes. Start by chaining 9, skip two stitches then slip stitch into the third sc of the previous round.
Slip stitch back up the chain you just made for three stitches then chain six more times (you are now at the point of the next picture, which we will call exhibit 42 because it makes me happy to do so).

exhibit 42
Again, skip two stitches, then slip stitch into the next stitch. You will now have two "loops" that sort of look like petals around your original ring. Repeat the last several steps all the way round.

here we slip stitch the second loop onto the ring. 
For the last loop only chain three after the 3 slip stitches then slip stitch, not into the ring, but into the 4th chain of the original loop (the chain 9). You can see that in exhibit alpha-pi-beta (below).

Exhibit Alpha-Pi-Beta

look what we have here. . .a pretty flower. Let's give it teeth!
Now we need to work one foundation row before we can start on the teeth. To do this single crochet four times in the chain space then once on the top of the slip stitch (the top of what we will call the gear's "spokes")

single crochet in the space, not in the stitches, just like with the original row.

single crochet in the slip stitch at the top of each spoke as well. 

Here is what it looks like when you have done this all the way around. Sort of like a wagon wheel. 

Now to make the "teeth" we need to chain three then double crochet in the next two stitches. This forms the tooth.
Rather than going straight into the next stitch, slip stitch in the side of the second double crochet to ease yourself down to the row below. You then want to slip stitch in the next three stitches. 
chain 3 and two double crochets make a "tooth"

slip stitch in the side of the double crochet if you don't want your piece to "pull" 

Do this around and fasten off and there you go! You have a gear!

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