Happy Late Birthday To Me

I don't know if I mentioned it anywhere, but my birthday was last week. Yep. I'm officially 28. So far I've had a decent time remembering that I'm 28. Not that people ask me my age a lot, but I may have mentioned, once or twice, my habitual survey taking, and it comes up. It is confusing my auto complete which still is used to me being 27.

So tonight I am going to live-blog (I'm not hip enough to live-tweet and I'm really not sure how to punctuate that which makes me a little nervous) my self-spoiling, courtesy of Stash Tea who sent me a $10 off coupon in honor of my birthday, just for being on their email list. Oh Stash Tea. We are old friends. I wish I were in Oregon so I could check out that awesome Tea Bar you were sharing pictures of on your Facebook the other day. I adore you.

Doesn't this just look like the best place ever?
So I was just going to use my $10 to get some more of my favorite tea (Christmas Morning), but then I said, heck! I'm going to get myself a mug!!!

Yes, a mug.

My husband and I have this ongoing joke involving coffee mugs. If I am completely stumped as to what to get him I often fall back on coffee mug with clever saying attached. So, for the last several holidays, when buying my other presents he has intentionally included some random coffee mug (generally just the first one he grabs at whatever store he is doing his shopping). Ha ha, he made a funny. Because of this our mug situation is very mismatched.

But tonight I am going to purchase the best mug on the Stash site if it takes me all night to choose! Watch me go! NOW!!!

This is the first one to tempt me:

cat nap mug
But this one is so cute. . .
This one makes me homesick and I'm not even from Portland:
Believe it or not, Portland is not the only town in Oregon. 
This one makes me think of Rose's shirt in the Doctor Dances:
are you my mummy?
Omgosh! This geeky cat is so me:
This Cat is certain to be Typative too!
Completely gorgeous!:
Just keep swimming?

A slightly more artsy cat:
cave cat?
Sherlock mug? Yes please!:
Does the Hound glow blue?

Oh such a hard choice! What am I to do?

I think I know. . . which would you choose and which do you think I will choose? I will post when it arrives and you can see if you were right and if our tastes line up.


  1. Hi Heidi, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  2. I would probably pick the "portland, oregon" one because it would look nicely in my little "collection". But I do like the blue and orange fish one....I like the shape of it!!! I'm going to say you picked the....deep blue "artsy cat" one? I'm almost certain it has to be one of the cat ones but I can't wait to find out!! lol :)


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