Mismatched Socks and Other Ways I Intentionally Refuse to Mature

I recently bought a couple packets of fuzzy socks (some blue with pink stripes, some pink with purple stripes, and some pink with pinker stripes) during one of my impulsive bargain bin raids and have been wearing them with outfits that they don't at all match just because I can. So the other day I wanted some socks and thought I would save myself some time by grabbing them out of the basket of unfolded laundry. I found one purple and pink sock and one pink and pinker sock, put them aside, dug around a bit, and found, of course, that their mates were no where to be seen. Not to be deterred, I just put on the non-matchy socks and went on my way.

Today, I reached into my sock drawer and pulled out a folded pair that were the same exact mismatched set and it got me wondering. Were these the ones I wore the other day and I had, after wearing them mismatched, washed them mismatched and put them away mismatched as well? Or were these the mates to the mismatched socks which had been hiding in plain sight as a matched pair?

I finally decided I didn't care. I put on the mismatched pair again and allowed my socks to carry in their swinging, unholy, partner swapping ways. Sinful socks. At the end of the day they went into the laundry hamper (which I had recently emptied with the load that is currently in the dryer). My goal is to eventually have the mismatched socks catch up to their other halves in the hamper, be washed together, folded together, and reunited (I'm told that feels so good). If not, oh well. The socks look like something out of Dr. Suess anyway. If I were worried about style I wouldn't be wearing them in the first place, at least not out of the house.

In a recent post I mentioned my girls going out of the house in matching outfits. I will now clarify that the matching outfits were a present from my grandmother (the girls' great grandma) for Christmas and that is the only reason that they had such a thing. I do not buy clothes as outfits. I buy random items at second hand stores and in clearance bins, throw them in Coryn's drawers, and hope that she has the good sense to match them well when she dresses herself. I may correct her outfit if it is A. too fancy and I don't want her to ruin it (no party dresses at the play park), B. inappropriate for the weather; or C. I consider today's date somewhat special and want her to look nice (ie there is a good chance her picture will be taken), but generally Coryn wears whatever she wants even if it means she looks like a Disney princess going to Clown School. She is independent, has her own definite tastes, and I don't have to do more than give her a quick glance over to make sure she isn't wearing something inside out or backwards and we are good to go. Claire, the one I'm in charge of dressing, wears a lot of pajamas in the daytime.
One of Coryn's few unacceptable outfits: Captain Ballerina Pajama Pants
So, yeah, we aren't winning any fashion awards here, but that's how we roll.
That said, I am doing a Cara Box swap this month (my first; full post coming soon including, gasp, a video) and my lovely swap-partner (this isn't a convoluted, twisted situation like it is with the socks, I swear! She just sent me a cara box!) was Janna with View from the 512 and not to spoil the much more box focused Cara Box post that I promised, but part of her box to me included these stunning matching outfits for my girls:
maybe I should always just have other people dress them. . .
The lettering says "Little Sister" on Claire's and "Big Sister" on Coryn's. They wore them all day . . .well, until Claire spilled a cup of water on her pants and smeared lentils all over her shirt. Coryn wore hers all day anyway.

So today the way the girls looked and the way I was dressed, with my intentionally odd socks might've caused some confusion had anyone thought to analyze it. We were out and about a bit. Today was the much anticipated co-op field trip to a local fire station.
In the driver's seat

 Unfortunately it did make me realize that we hadn't really been over fire safety at all so we had to do some of that tonight, just basic, plan an escape route, go next door and ask the neighbors to call 9-11 sort of stuff.  Coryn was a little disappointed in the end because she had somehow go it into her head that she was going to get to ride in a fire truck (I remember telling her we would see a fire truck, which we did, and they even let her sit in a couple of them which she loved, but there were no rides forthcoming), but she seemed to have a very good time over all. She said her favorite part was getting a fire hat out of it. She also got a fire badge sticker, a comic book, some pencils, and other goodies.

I didn't think Claire would care if she had any of that stuff, but apparently Claire really wanted a fire hat. Claire has this regrettable way of reaching for something she wants and making this really intense half-whine-half-growl sound until she gets it, whether it is a bite of ice cream, an empty plastic water bottle, or her sister's fire hat. Sometimes, if it is something I was planning to give her anyway, it is kind of cute. For instance when she saw certain Christmas presents for the first time she did this. However, if it is something she shouldn't have or that somebody else has, it can be really annoying and she is just too young to punish effectively. I'm sure there are some anti-brat techniques, so if you have helpful suggestions go for it. I just have a feeling she is going to be a handful in this way for some time to come.

So, brat attack aside, Claire ended up with her own hat as well.

Afterwards we ended up going to a small, Mexican restaurant for a meal that ended up being cheaper than our usual McDonald's runs. I really want Coryn to learn a second language young and we have been working to some extent on Spanish. Working in that I purchased a set of Little Pim Spanish DVDs and every so often I give her a word in Spanish from my own knowledge base and we work on it. We like to play a game where we take turns passing back and forth an item and exchanging the phrases "Por favor," "Gracias," and "De nada." I should probably take the time to review Little Pim in depth later, now that I think about it, but I will just say quickly that it is probably a little bit young for her so I have her watch it every so often, but I'm keeping it more for when Claire is a year or two older rather than expecting Coryn to get very much out of it at this point.

So we sat at the Mexican restaurant and exchanged pleasantries in Spanish. 

Oh, and because this is already a long post, I might as well go on. I mentioned earlier how Caen, our German Shepherd, makes me feel a lot safer. Well, today something kind of weird happened which made me realize how much safer he made me feel. 

Caen does not like to be left alone in the house. If I go out to check the mail without him, he has a fit, so when I take out the garbage he is generally at my side. Sometimes he stays right next to me. Other days he zips across the street to exchange pleasantries through the fence with our neighbor's dog. Today was one of the days he was across the street, about twenty feet from me. A car was coming down the road (the speed limit is 20mph, so not fast by any means) when Caen decided to come back towards me. He starts to run in order to get by before the car came by and while I didn't think he was in danger of being hit, I didn't want the driver to feel he had to slow down or swerve so I had my eye on Caen to make sure he got out of the way fast. However, instead of slowing down or just continuing on the driver did this weird thing where he swerved towards my driveway and Caen and then pulled to a stop. Caen hopped out of the way and ran around the car to sit at my side. The guy stepped out of the car and we exchanged a blank stare. I kind of wondered what he was about. My first thought was that he thought he had hit Caen and wanted to check on him. My second was that he was actually a threat to me and that I had Caen so he better not try anything. He glanced at Caen and said, "I thought he was going to attack you so I wanted to get the car between him and you." 

"No, he's mine," I said. "He was just trying to get out of the way of your car." 

So the guy left. I don't know what that guy was thinking. Maybe Caen just looks really scary. I guess that is a good thing. 

Speaking of Caen, that beast does NOT respect me. With Matt gone he has been pushing all the boundaries and challenging all the rules. He hopped into bed with me last night and I have caught him on the couch several times, both places he is not allowed at all (though I admit I may have invited him onto the bed at least once when Matt wasn't looking). This morning he was on the couch when I came downstairs.

"Get down, Caen!" I ordered. He looked at me like, "But I don't wanna." So I said it in my stern voice. He gave a sigh (German shepherds are very vocally expressive dogs) and hopped off the couch only to hop right onto the love seat. I discussed it with Matt and decided to get him a dog bed so there was less temptation. After all, I wouldn't want to sleep on a hardwood floor either.

Upon bringing home the oversized pillow I soon discovered that Caen was not the only creature who wanted the dog bed. The whole thing became a family affair.

First Claire dove onto it, gleefully sinking in. 

this is for me, right?
So of course Coryn had to get in on the action.

what's that streak of pink
Coryn is a puppy now

so comfy

finally claimed by the rightful owner

a girl and her dog

All and all, I would say the dog bed greatly contributed to the evening's mood. I just hope Caen gets as much use out of it as the girls. 

I normally edit these posts before I post them, just to make sure there are no typos, but it is almost midnight and I am completely exhausted, so I'm going to just post this and leave myself at the mercy of those who know how to proof read. Hey, if you see any, let me know. It will save me a few minutes when I come back tomorrow to clean this up. 

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  1. I love wearing mismatched socks...my nieces turned me on to the fun a few years ago. :)

    I am glad the outfits fit...they were too cute!

    Coryn looks so sassy with her firehat! :)


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