The Princess and the Goblin

Tonight I decided to try and read The Princess and the Goblin to my daughter. Coryn is only just five and has a somewhat short attention span for books that don't involve a lot of pictures, but she surprised me by listening to the first several chapters before asking me to read her Guess How Much I Love You instead (that has pictures). I was inspired to do another fan reading, partially because just in reading the first chapter of this story it was apparent to me how the author influenced my own way of thinking about stories as well as several of my favorite writers (J. R. R. Tolkien loved MacDonald's "Curdie stories.").  I hope to eventually record the entire book (it should be public domain. You can actually find the whole book published online in more than one place, accessible for free, which is wonderful.). If you haven't read this classic, then please, please, consider doing so! 

Also, if you would give my little reading  a listen (the first chapter is only about four minutes long) and let me know what you think, I would appreciate it. I would love to record the entire book eventually. I actually did a recording of Smith of Wooten Major all in one sitting at one point. I just haven't posted it anywhere because I believe it is still under copyright for the Tolkien estate and I don't know if they would care to have me paste it all over the interwebs. 

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  1. Thanks Heidi for your sweet comment! Also just wanted to let you know, I'll be posting a DIY on how to make one next week:)


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