Today's Events: Abridged

I went to my second meeting for the MoPs (Mothers of Preschoolers) I found in my area today. I wish I had brought a camera (my not-so-smart phone has a really poor quality camera but I don't have internet access on it and it is a pain to email photos with it, so I don't even consider that an option most of the time) because I swear the logo on the welcome mat of the church they have MoPs at looks like a TARDIS. I'm not exactly sure what they think it looks like at the church but to me a blue box with light shining out of it means TARDIS. I know it is a weird way to pick a church but I am very tempted to try it out, even though it is somewhat out of the way compared to other churches in my area.

I had an opportunity to donate some of my crocheted items to their raffle baskets. They had three small baskets with the theme "Baby, it's cold outside." So I brought a hat, a scarf, and a teddy bear wearing a scarf. And of course, who won the first basket (with my hat in it)? I did! Yay me! I kind of had a gut feeling that would happen. I kept all the other items in the basket but had the ladies at my table do "pick a number" for the hat so I didn't have to take my own hat home. There were maybe six ladies at my table so I did a number between one and fifty and one of them guessed the exact number, so that worked out (45 . . . Thinking back I should've done 42 since that is the answer to the question, but I have a thing for multiples of 9.). A few ladies expressed interest in crochet classes. I had thought about doing classes before but I'd always assumed it would be kids who were interested. I've always said that if I wanted to Pied Piper some kids all I'd have to do is sit down at a playground and crochet for awhile. Every time I have done that in the past  I end up surrounded by kids watching and asking questions. I gave away all my business cards (I only had four or five on me that day; wish I'd brought more) so hopefully I made some friends/future customers. I really need to either stop crocheting or start selling stuff.

Afterwards we stopped at McDonald's for a treat/lunch and found that this was a disappointing McDonald's  No, I don't mean the food. McDonald's food is McDonald's food. Meh for me. Exciting for Coryn who loves hamburgers. I also don't mean the service, though how when I'm the only customer there they can keep me waiting for several minutes before taking my order is a little mind blowing, or the fact that the ice machine was broken. I mean no play place or computer games. I knew from the outside that it didn't have a play place, but now a lot of fast food places have these touch screen computer games at the tables for kids to play with while they eat. Coryn loves these things and they are one of the major draws to eating out for her. This one didn't have any such thing. She did get a Strawberry Shortcake toy that she really liked (I was disappointed to find out this was not one of the McDonald's that participates in the $1.99 happy meal deal on Tuesdays and Thursdays that several of the local Mc and Ds do in our area), but she asked several times where the games were and I just had to promise that next time we'd drive an extra ten minutes to the McDonald's on HWY 98 (which is actually closer to home anyway).

Then off to Target to invent ways to spend money. I only really needed some wrapping paper (they had these $3 heart pillows in their bargain bins though and some sight word flash cards that I decided I really needed). Since Coryn's birthday is next week I let her pick and for whatever reason she chose Avengers wrapping paper. Now, Coryn walks a really weird line between girly girl and tom boy geek princess, but I didn't know she was into the Avengers. She watched most of the movie with us. When the Hulk "hulked out" the first time I glanced over and saw her eyes go saucer sized. It apparently made an impression. When I asked her why she wanted the Avengers paper she said that she liked the Green Guy and that he was funny. She liked it when he threw things around.

That's my girl, I guess.


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