What next?

I keep thinking that with February coming up I should make some sort of big love related post, some poetry, maybe? Or the story of how I finally snagged the love of my life after almost a decade of effort.

However, in the midst of all this thinking about lovey dovey posts, it came to mind to ask what sort of posts my readers like the most? I mean, I don't have a huge readership, but I have reached 46 followers according to blogger. I have to assume at least some of them actually read my blog, maybe even get the email subscriptions (comments are nice, especially when I see repeat visitors.). So which posts are their favorites? What prompted them to push the "subscribe" button. Was it just an automatic response to a blog hop? A picture of a cat? Or a crochet pattern?

The main sorts of posts on my blog seem to be as follows:

  • Crochet patterns
  • Mommy talk/day in the life sort of anecdotes. 
  • Product Reviews/Book Reviews
  • Other miscellaneous 
Admittedly, I get most of my page views for the crochet patterns. Sometimes I think I should just focus on that, but the process of designing, creating, and photographing a crochet project is time consuming (especially the photography part) and sometimes I worry that I am rushing through projects that could be done better because I want to get them up on the blog. 

Which have been your favorite posts? What sorts of posts would you look forward to reading? What would encourage you to follow my blog if you haven't already and what would prompt you to share my blog with others?

Thank you so much for any input you choose to leave.


  1. I like the mommy talk/ day in the life of Heidi's family ones! :) But that's because I don't crochet and I know your family and miss yall. :) I like to see what's going on in your world! :)


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