Blasted Computer Machines

So, I'm having unspecified computer machine troubles. My laptop, my work horse computer, my constant companion, my electronic everything, has been really strange and quirky lately. It started out being a little slow on start up a few days ago and this morning it wouldn't start up at all. I had to attempt to restart it two or three times and it would always freeze at some point. No bueno.

It's been mostly working, but it seems to get overwhelmed by certain tasks (My husband says it should be able to handle World of Warcraft, but that's the only new program I'm running as of the last few weeks and I wonder if somehow the graphics on the game are a bit much for this admittedly not the top of the line laptop), and occasionally it will freeze up and shut down for no particular reason.

I've done the things I  know how to do . Checked to make sure the fan isn't all dusty (if it were an overheating issue, I don't think it would manifest on start up, however.), ran disc defragmenter, ran disc clean up, deleted some unused programs, made sure I backed up everything just in case we have a full out crash (thank you, Google Drive.), but if it does break down at some point in the up coming week (I just realized I haven't tried system restore yet. I guess that's next), I won't be computer less (there is still an older lap top of my husband's and his desktop I can use), but I'll be lacking the ability to post photos easily since all my photo reading stuff is on this computer. And also, I'll just be generally weirded out by those unfamiliar computers. I'm the sort of person who takes awhile to adjust to a new keyboard or mouse.

I wish Matt were home. Matt is the computer machine whisperer. He would probably tell me off for visiting icanhazcheezburger. He thinks it is full of malicious malware and stuff. He's probably right but I really like to look at funny cat pictures.

Anyway, if you don't break on me, computer, I'll get you a cookie!