"Guest" Post: Fashion Playtes Review

 I'm not sure if this technically counts as a "guest post" because I had my baby sister write it. I stumbled across the Fashion Playtes website a while back and thought it was a fun idea but not something I would probably use myself, my daughter being a bit too young. They do offer gift certificates so I decided to send one to my sister, Kelly, a pre-teen, for Christmas.Here is her creation and her opinion on the site. Nothing was received in return for this review by me. I paid for the certificate my sister got. It was not a promotional item.

Hey Readers,
I made a dress a fashionplaytes.com
Here's how you do it: First Google Fashionplaytes.com, then click on the website that comes up, (It should be something like "Fashion Playtes Home"). When you get on the site, click on the clothes designing studio. It should show you different designs of dresses, tops, bottoms, and accessories. Pick your style of clothing, size, and add all the fun sparkles and spangles. Then they will ship it to you and you can wear and show-of your outfit! Besides that, they shipped it relatively fast and I have no complaints what-so-ever. At the studio there were so many choices it made my head spin! Plus that, you can become a member and play fun games!
My dress is turquoise blue with pink sparkles bordered around the edge and clear rhinestones around the neck. It has a pink heart in the center. I choose turquoise blue because I like that color and sparkles because who doesn't like sparkles!
Have a great time designing!
Kelly Lyn Garrett
-Age 11


  1. WHAT a cute idea!! I didn't even know that was possible!! My daughter will love it when she gets a little older!!


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