Kiss Nails, Grammar Challenged Nail Products

I should preface this by saying that the last time I regularly even tried to do something with my nails I was probably in middle school. Nail care to me just seems bothersome and having long nails sounds inconvenient. I have always wanted retractable claws, of course, but that really isn't the same thing, is it? Getting your nails done ranks high on the list of things that many members of my sex seem to cherish but that I really don't understand. . . a little bit lower on the list than designer bags but higher on the list than having someone go with you to the bathroom.

I should also say that the last thing I want to do is put myself in the position of high grammar police because I KNOW I have made an error on here somewhere, probably multiple times. I am good with the English language, but I tend to write conversationally which leads to slip ups. Also, a lot of times I am writing this in a sleep deprived haze where the computer fan kind of starts to sound like that noise the TARDIS makes because the Doctor leaves the parking break on. 

That said, in my mentioned once or twice Influensters sample box, I got a set of stick on nail applique things from a company called "Kiss." I decided I would give them away or put them on my daughter because, seriously, these things aren't me. My sister has really nice nails but hers are natural. She just grows really strong nails and they were so thick that cutting them hurt her when she was a kid and was always a struggle. Also, they were very effective weapons. Mine are paper thin. I bite them, not as a habit but because it is easier than finding the nail clippers in this household. I really do want retractable claws, though. . .

Anyway, so today I decided to open the package and apply them to my daughter's nails. They are designed for adults so I had to cut all the nail stickers down to size. The good news is this means that I have double the nail stickers because I used the other half of each halved sticker on the other hand so it only took one "hand's worth" to do both her hands. . .but I digress. 

So I am glancing over the packaging and something catches my eye. Look at the following picture:
No one in your packaging design team caught this? Are you hiring only High School dropouts?

"Your not dressed 'till your nail dressed!"


Okay, so this is a product sample, so maybe this is a prototype thing and they caught it before it was produced for market (I'm telling myself this just to avoid writing a crazy letter to the company head quarters), but this is a pretty basic grammar concept (Your, you're). (Honestly, 'till is also kind of iffish; it should really either be 'til or till.)

I have never worked in packaging design, but I have to believe that multiple people had to look at this before it went to print and yet no one caught it! Worse case scenario, someone did catch it and they were all, "Meh, our consumers doesn't care about no grammar."  (if they wrote it they probably wrote that "are consumers doesn't." Too much?)

I'm probably chumming the waters for grammar piranhas to descend upon me and spell check my every word (Though if you see an error, let me know, and I will correct it. That's what the edit button is for . . .and no, I don't count ending sentences with prepositions as poor grammar. I think that rule is outdated and pandering to it ruins my "flow."). Still, I'm not a national company with multiple employees sending a product out for public consumption. I'm a part time mommy blogger with maybe 30 readers on a good day. My blog is completely the opposite of "professional" (it even costs me money because I did buy my domain name and I am probably never going to see that money back).

Oh the product!

Um, yeah. . . They smell funny, kind of like a nail salon. They were easy to work with but (probably because my daughter's hands are way too small for them) they are already starting to peel and don't appear to be all that practical to me. I guess I just don't get the product in general. . .PLUS THEY DON'T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YOUR AND YOU'RE!!!

Okay, I'm done now.