Mermaid Tail Take Two

I don't really want another kid at this point, but I do really need an infant model for my mermaid tail. I need to track down a mother with a baby girl and beg her to wear my mermaid tail so I can get a good picture.

I haven't really written out the pattern yet, even after my second attempt, but I thought I'd post some construction photos so people could get an idea how they are made.

Here is a finished mermaid tail on my (then) 10 month old (featured in this post):

I used double crochet and decreased evenly until I got this shape in the desired length.

I then folded it in half and sewed it a bit at the bottom
and a little on top. 

You want to leave a slit for the baby's legs to pop in and out of, especially if this is a baby of mobile age. 

You make the fins next.

Then attach the fins at the bottom of the tail

and voila! You have a complete mermaid tail!

Fluster Buster

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    1. Thanks so much. I did email you just a bit ago, so hopefully you got that.


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