Preschool Activity: Sight Words Story Blocks

Today we spent some time writing a story with sight words (and easy sound out words). A lot of words that Coryn probably could figure out phonetically she already has memorized so at this point what is a sight word and what is a "sound out" word is up for debate.

To make Coryn's story "blocks" I simply wrote down a bunch of words on craft foam (she has a big package of this in her craft supplies) with a sharpie. You could use scraps of paper or cardboard or basically anything you can write on and cut into pieces (this would be a cool thing to do with a felt board or magnetic set up). I chose to put the nouns on blue foam, verbs on pink, and everything else on white. Then we sat down and Coryn put together simple sentences with the words. After she composed each sentence I would copy it down on a piece of paper so we would remember it after we had deconstructed the sentence to re-use the words. Every so often I would stop and write down a new word she felt she needed to continue the story (she liked to cut the words out herself so we also got in some scissor skills practice).

A bit later she even wrote out two of her own words (she didn't stick to my color coding for nouns and verbs which I'm not sure she really understood): Coryn (so she could make herself part of the story) and Dot which we already had a word block for but it is one of the few words she knows how to write from memory so it was an easy choice.

Here is the story she wrote:

A frog naps.
A cat loves the frog.
Dot sees the cat.
Sam sat.
Frog hit cat.
Frog loves cat.
Frog says sorry to cat.
A frog and a dog run.
Dot and cat are glad.
Frog and dog play.
Frog and dog run and hit.
Cat and dog play and kiss.
Frog, cat, and bat play.
Dot and dog love each other.
Cat and dog love each other and hug.
Dog and frog hug.
The End.

She actually asked to play the game again tonight so it looks like we may have a winner.

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