Shopping with my Girls

Monday is shopping day. Why? Because Monday in Iwakuni was "the commissary is closed if you want anything you are out of luck" day so shopping on Monday feels like I'm getting away with something. Normally I do my grocery shopping all at the commissary, but if I have something "non food" to get that they don't have there I often use it as an excuse to head down to where Target and Walmart sit staring each other down from opposite sides of Blue Angel . . . road, drive. . something. There are a lot of things here called Blue Angel something or other. I think it is rivaled only by things with "gulf" in front of the name (back in Oregon the business name catch phrases were things like "Cascade," "Columbia," and of course "Northwest."). Today I wanted some hair clip pieces to attach the roses I made yesterday to.

We got to Walmart and Coryn asked if she could buy something with her dollar. She recently received a slightly belated birthday card that actually had fifteen dollars in it from one of her Aunt and Uncle sets (Claire got one too). I asked her if she had brought the dollars and she hadn't. She then preceded to ask if she could use her "card" (I sometimes give her the blank "credit cards" that companies send in the mail, the ones that say "your name here" to play with.). I explained that no, that wasn't a real card. So she asked if I would give her a dollar. No, I don't have a dollar, only my card. I need to go the ATM. Then she burst out with, "Can I have your card?" She really didn't understand why I wouldn't share my debit card at this point. I told her if she saw something she really wanted I would get it and she could pay me back when we got home, but it didn't come up again, so apparently nothing struck her fancy  . . .oh except for fish. She got it into her head that Lindon, her birthday fish, was lonely. I tried to explain that betas don't get lonely. They aren't social fish, but she still really wanted another fish.

So onto Target. Why. . . well, it is like the only place in a reasonable distance with a Starbucks. I'm actually not that big on Starbucks for Starbucks sake. I'm from Oregon. Starbucks is pervasive but so are mom and pop drive thru coffee shops built into prefab sheds and old fast food places. There are also many other chains that sell coffee which I enjoy that you don't find outside of the Pacific Northwest. Here, however, I haven't seen much of it. There are a couple of non-chain coffee shops but they are more cafe like, sans drive thru, which to me doesn't feel all that child friendly. I don't particularly like herding the little ones out of the car even for this Starbucks, but at least it being in a Target means that kids aren't unexpected and I can pretend I'm going to do shopping there later (I usually just walk around and circles then pick something out of the bargain bins . . . I got  a magnetic shopping list with Darth Vader on it this time!). It keeps the girls entertained. Coryn likes shopping. Claire likes the "face time" of being pushed around in a cart.

So we were sitting there eating chocolate bread (we had brought some grapes in from Walmart but they apparently were finished on the way through the parking lot) and my latte and Coryn looks out the window and announces, "Mom! I saw an invisible car!"

"How did you see it if it was invisible?" I asked.

"It was there and then it wasn't there!"

"Ah, so you saw a car disappear. What did it look like?"

"It was blue and then it was invisible."

"Who was driving it?"

"A black guy."

"Okay, where was he going?"

"He got out of the car and made it disappear and then he came in the store."

"Huh, well, that sounds reasonable." 


  1. I think it's Blue Angel Highway! ;) I miss Pensacola!!!! :(

  2. oh....or it could be parkway!? Crap, I don't remember!! lol


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