Simple Jar Decor

I recently found out that if you want to clean that sticky white paper/glue residue that remains on a glass jar after you peel off the label, you can rub it with oil (I've used both canola and olive and gotten the same results) and it works it off in no time .  . .of course then you have to wash the oil off, but at least the label gunk is gone and you can use the jars for something cool

I'm always hoarding things like glass jars. I have a hard time letting go. I think it might be genetic. I had a great grandmother who died with certain rooms of her house being completely inaccessible. Of course my mom and my grandmother clean house like crazy. My grandma is always throwing stuff out or giving it away. . .but I digress. Anyway, because of this I have a stash of spaghetti sauce jars so when I needed a candy jar for some attractive Easter candy I picked up impulsively (need to stop doing that too) I whipped out a jar, scrubbed off the label with above mentioned process and got to it.

Of course the top was lacking, so I scrambled around the house looking for something to make it pretty. I would've liked to use cloth but since I didn't have any, I went for the foil wrapping paper I had got at Target the other day. I had purchased it for my Cara Box partner who I think had said something about liking chevrons, but since including the whole roll didn't seem practical I just wrapped some of the larger gifts and kept the rest for later.

I cut out a square of the paper then put a few drops of hot glue on top of the jar lid (not on the sides. I was kind of afraid of accidentally gluing it shut). Then I molded the paper around the top and trimmed off some to make it look a little neater.

I found a ribbon in the craft supplies (after I had finished Coryn got annoyed with me because apparently it was "her" ribbon, but she wasn't using it at the time, so I am going to plead ignorance to her prior claim.) and tied it around the top . . . I'm not very good at pretty bows so I went for casual chic.

I placed it in my "happy window."

I should've made it harder to open and shut somehow because I can't stop eating the candy.

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  1. What a cute idea and great tip on cleaning off that messy gunk on the jars that make them unsightly. Your Easter Candy Jar looks great!


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