Tired out recap

Above is a quick session of name writing practice I did with Coryn. It was spur of the moment. Next time I'll used lined paper. I had googled what she is supposed to learn in Kindergarten, which is next year, and found she knew most of it already. She needs to keep working on reading and handwriting, but other than that the obvious gaps were that while she can spell her first name, I hadn't taken the time to teach her her last name; She knows her phone number but not her address; and she needs to know the months of the year. So we went outside and I showed her the street sign and house numbers and explained about addresses and we are working on that and then we came in and wrote her name a few times.

So what else is going on  . . . I mentioned in my last post that our microwave stopped working. I was going to be all pioneer and do without (kind of said sarcastically), but we have been eating a lot of reheated leftovers since Matt left and I was having  a hard time figuring out the reheating in the oven. I would transfer whatever into an oven safe dish and put it in there, remove it five minutes later, and it would still be cold in the middle even though the dish was too hot to handle, so when I got a 10% coupon to Home Depot in the mail, I just decided to go for it even though I don't usually go to the area where Home Depot is located (Matt pointed out it is actually closer than Walmart or Target, but it is not on my regular route to anywhere and the way there is really twisty). We found a microwave and only had one small hang up in that it didn't fit in the trunk and had to ride in the one empty passenger seat (which means if Matt had been there, there wouldn't have been room for it . . . I guess we do sort of need a bigger car.).

When we got home it was already dark and Coryn sighted a lizard on our front porch. I see these little guys all the time, but normally they are too fast to catch. This one must've been chilled by the evening air (even though it has been rather balmy lately, though I know my version of balmy is significantly colder than pretty much everyone who lives in Florida's version of balmy, probably including this lizard.). So the lizard was caught. He bit my fingers a few times, but being toothless and tiny it was not painful (though it is kind of startling) and Coryn thought it was hilarious when I dangled the house key in front of him and he tried to take a bite out of that too. I really didn't want him to get loose in the house so I found him an empty yogurt container and Coryn carried him around inside of it, reaching down to pet him and telling him how much she loved him and how she wanted him to be her pet.
Honestly, I would love a pet lizard, but I wasn't prepared to domesticate this one and wasn't ready to see him die of starvation because of our inept care, so I had to talk her into letting him go. I told him he missed his family. She told me that grown up lizards don't have families, only babies do. I told her we didn't have anything to feed to him. She said she would catch him bugs. I said, well, maybe he is a magic lizard and if you let him go he will give you a wish, like in that book Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse. Her eyes got wide and she whispered, "I really want to live in a real castle."

Uh oh. Might've over played my hand there. Now if she lets him go she might seriously be expecting a castle.

"Wow, that's a big wish," I said.

After a bit she decided to release him on her own though as he scurried off she once again vocalized her desire to live in a castle. We'll see how that goes. 
I love you, Lizard.

Anyway, that was yesterday. Today we went downtown to a Mardi Gras parade. We should've gone a little earlier but I had tried for awhile to get Claire to take an early nap because the parade was scheduled at her usual nap time and that didn't work. She wouldn't sleep and by the time I finally gave up we were already starting to run late. I gave her lunch and she ate very leisurely, so we got there about a half hour before the parade was supposed to start and it was already really crazy crowded. We don't even own folding chairs but the people of Pensacola apparently take the whole parade thing pretty seriously. Family groups had roped off areas with folding chairs, blankets, and coolers and all the good spots were taken. 

I was a little bit concerned that Coryn wouldn't get any of the beads that were being thrown because some people were pretty aggressive. I personally would've assumed that the bead throwing was for kids but a lot of adults and teens were collecting them too, generally more aggressively than the little kids who could be kind of timid about it. At first Coryn, who was able to squeeze up to the front of the crowd (they had a fence so no one could run out into the parade itself, but all the serious collectors were standing pressed against this fence which was about chest high for Coryn but there were adults on either side of her who kept catching the beads before they would fall and for the first several minutes she looked worried and every so often wriggled her way back through the crowd to tell me she hadn't gotten any necklaces yet. One teen, who I never noticed being a particularly active collector but who had caught three necklaces already just by virtue of being taller than Coryn and catching those that sailed over her head, actually gave her one at this point . . . and my sweetie girl turned around and gave it to me. 

There really wasn't anything to worry about. She eventually caught so many that they had to be painful to wear. Some were from the walkers who would hand them directly to people, others were just because of the sheer number of the things soaring through the air made it impossible for even the people on her left and right who were filling up sacks with the dang things (again, no idea why, maybe they have some sort of value at other Mardi Gras events) to snatch them all. A lot got caught in the branches of the tree we were next to and there was one enterprising young man sitting in this tree the whole parade, fishing down the ones he could. 

She also got a little bit of candy (not very much of this was thrown), a Frisbee, and three small stuffed animals. 
Claire was such a good baby even though she was obviously tired
This was also a very long parade and Claire really hadn't napped. About an hour in I started to wonder if we would have to leave before it was over for Claire's sake but then Coryn came to me, glassy eyed and covered in beads, and announced she was ready to go. I guess she had enough partying. I was kind of glad we hadn't brought a stroller to wrestle with (chances are Claire wouldn't have wanted to be strapped in the whole time anyway), but by the end my arms were about to fall off from holding her. She liked the music but was concerned by some of the loud noises and she enjoyed chewing on some of the beads I got for her.

Well, that was our day. I really need to start going to bed earlier so I'm going to try and make myself do that tonight. I could really use a good night's sleep.

Coryn with her riches

Super Sunday Sync