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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Scene from Psych on USA Network - Bunny Love 2/3

Happy Easter!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

So Easter is Tomorrow. . .

So Easter is tomorrow and this afternoon I realized . . .

So I did some quick thinking and this is my response to Mr. Illidan:

I am now prepared!!!

Yay me!

Okay, if you haven't already completely tuned me out for all the geekiness in the first section of this post, I will continue.

We only dyed six eggs because Matt pointed out we NEVER eat them all. None of us really like cold hard boiled eggs, or deviled eggs, or egg salad or whatever else people do with these things. I like the whites but not the yokes. When I was little I used to throw the yokes really hard at the oak trees around the house or down into the road just to see them smash . . . oh, and on the subject, some idiots egged our car Friday morning/Thursday night. Seriously, why? I'm guessing it was teenagers, but I never went through a stage in my life where that sort of activity would've been appealing so I don't get it.

I hadn't put a lot of thought into Easter dinner. It's just the four of us. We won't have company, and I guess I just wasn't thinking fancy, but I did pick up a whole chicken and a pineapple (Coryn has been begging for one). Still, at the grocery store I began to regret that I wasn't going fancy enough.

So I made a bunny cake:

He's ugly but he's mine. That took very little time and we watched Doctor Who while we waited for him to cool which is always an awesome Mother/Daughter bonding experience.

This link shows how to make a bunny cake though why people put coconut on them I will never understand. It's the devil's weird fruity nut condiment thing. 

Then after the girls went to bed I sat up and filled plastic eggs with jelly beans and set up their Easter buckets. I found these really awesome colorful tin buckets at Walmart and they are so much cooler than the baskets I've seen.

I didn't get them much this year. The big splurge was on their new Easter dresses which I am going to present to them tomorrow. As you can see, Carlton was on hand to help with tonight's activities.

So that is how I prepared. Yay me!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: the Doctor is Coming!

Coryn has been asking for new Doctor Who to watch since the Christmas special. I was happy to inform her that it is back on this weekend and she asked me to get down the calender and let her mark the date (I had to spell things out for her but she wrote it herself).

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Conversations with Miss Coryn

 These are over the last week or so. For those of you who are friends with me irl and have access to my personal Facebook, you may have seen one or two of these before.

Coryn: Mom, why are Mickey and Minnie Mouse always together?
Me: Because they are friends.
Coryn: No, I think they are dating. . . They want to get married. When you and Daddy were dating what did you do?
Me: Well, he was in Iraq for most of the time we were dating so I wrote him a lot of letters and we talked on the phone.
Coryn: What's Iraq like?
Me: It's mostly desert.
Coryn: Like Texas.
Me: Uh . . . sure. . .

Then this morning we were discussing which friends she might see at church when she announced,

"I don't like (friend's name)'s dresses."
"Why not?" I asked.
"They aren't FASHIONY."
"Well, don't tell her that. That would be mean."
"Okay. I'll tell her she's pretty."

Coryn and I were doing some flashcards of general knowledge preschool/kindergarten questions and we came across one that involved an analog clock and asked what time it was. I know this is something she doesn't know yet but I thought, "what the heck" and asked her anyway, "What time does this picture show?" (it was 9:00). She very confidently answered, "Sixty-One-Hundred." Maybe she thought she could bluff her way through it.

While playing outside she asked me why bees make their own wax when they could just get it out of our ears. She then said that a bee came and took some wax from her ears and made a honeysuckle with it. 

I called Caen a vulture dog (he was hanging out by Claire's high chair waiting for his pound of crumbs), and Coryn wanted to know why, so I did a vulture impression. I explained that vultures are carrion birds who wait for things to die then I made a vulture face (I can't really explain this), holding my hands up like bird claws, and said, "Are you dead yet? Okay, I'll wait then. Are you dead yet? Okay, I'll keep waiting. You're dead? OMNOMNOM!" She wanted me to do this repeatedly and now she is following me around the house with her hands up by her face vulture style asking me if I'm dead yet.

"Captain America, he drank too much coffee and then he threw up! Captain America drank too much coffee and went crazy!" (I was going around the house humming, "When Captain America throws his mighty shield. . .")

When eating something: Ah, sweet nectar. . .

Coryn: Your shirt looks snazzy .. . what does snazzy mean?

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Nothing For Granted: a Mommy Lesson

Today while straightening up the mess of finished worksheet pages and crayons on the dining room table I came across the above doodle, scrawled across the back of a handwriting sheet Coryn had done earlier. I unthinkingly folded it up (thankfully I didn't crumple it) and put it in the garbage.

Then tonight I was sitting in the computer room talking with Coryn about how the Easter gifts were hidden in the guest room and so she shouldn't go in there when all of the sudden her little face lit up and she announced, "Mom, I have a present for you!" She ran downstairs and started to shuffle through the stack of papers I'd left behind on the table. It was about then that realization struck and I slunk into the kitchen, praying that I hadn't put any food on top of the picture since it went into the bin.

Thankfully, the drawing was still whole. I presented it to her and after a momentary look of suspicion (Why, exactly, Mom, did you have to go into the kitchen to find that?) she gave me my gift. She wasn't quit able to explain what it was a picture of (something involving water, she said), but through her eyes this was special. This was for me. This was something she got excited about giving me. That makes it precious and precious things just shouldn't go in the garbage.

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Easy Crochet Flowers

The other day I blogged about the new section of my Etsy Shop devoted to Claire Bear Hair accessories. Today I thought I would share one of the flowers I use to decorate the Claire Bear Hair line.

This flower is very simple. It was inspired by a lot of Shamrock motifs I saw around St. Patrick's Day on Pinterest. I considered making some of those but didn't get around to it in time for the day itself. However, when looking them over, I couldn't help but think that if you added a few extra "leaves" the leaves would turn into petals and you would have a flower.

So here is the very simple pattern:

Chain two then single crochet six times in the second chain from the hook.

Slip stitch in the first single crochet then chain two.

 Double crochet three times in the same stitch (the single crochet).

Slip stitch in the side of the last double crochet.

Slip stitch again in the next single crochet space, and repeat around until you have six petals.

And that is that. It works better with finer yarns. These I did in cotton yarn which isn't quite as dainty.

shared on The Peaceful Mom.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Claire Bear Hair!!!

I am so crazy excited to announce a new section of my Critters for Coryn  shop (also on Facebook) Claire Bear Hair! This has been a long time coming because when I started Critters I had only one daughter. While we occasionally talked about having another, my world at the time was very Coryn centric, so naming my Etsy shop after her seemed a given. Then along comes Claire and all of the sudden rather than an Etsy Shop I have a big sign that says, "MOM IS PLAYING FAVORITES!" (Fortunately, Claire can't read yet)

That is why I have decided to name the new section of my shop after daughter number two, the irrepressible, impish, adorable Claire Bear.

These are the three items I have posted so far in this section of my Etsy Shop:

Big Girl Floral Headband

Rosy Posy Hair Clips

Toddler Floral Headband

I have made a lot more items that fit well into this line and I am planning to post more over the next few days. If you are in the continental U.S. there is still probably time to order before Easter! (In my limited experience with international orders and my decent amount of experience with FPO/AP shipping, there is possibly time for overseas orders as well if you hurry. I sent a package to the UK and it arrived in about a week and when we were in Japan packages between myself and my family generally arrived in a week to a week and a half. I would not, however, feel comfortable guaranteeing this because international shipping varies so much country to country and even season to season in my experience).

I also enjoy the challenge of special orders so let me know what I can craft for you!

Please feel free to pin and share items in my Etsy shop and if you decide to buy, thank you so very much and I hope you enjoy your purchase!

Coryn says, "Don't give me lip! Buy my mom's stuff!"

Daisy Cottage Designs

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Wordless Wednesday-Angry Baby Model

I was trying to get Claire to model some new head bands I am working on and hope to put on Etsy soon, but out of no where she went from so happy to be out in the sun to "Mommy, don't you dare take my picture again or I will scream!"

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Monday, March 18, 2013

It's Raining Squirrels!

This is a continuation of the saga of squirrels that began in my last post (here). It was going to be an update on Buttercup, but apparently our squirrel issues are ongoing.

Buttercup spent the night on a heating pad, but it is one of those ones with a "safety" feature where it automatically turns off after awhile and so I kept having to wake up and turn it back on (Claire still isn't sleeping through the night so I was up anyway) and every time I did poor Buttercup had gone back to being stiff and cold. In the morning I warmed her/him/it up again and offered her/him/it (Coryn was insisting at this point that it was a her, but we later found out this was incorrect) first some water (which it took) and then some sugar water (which it pulled away from and squeaked angrily so back in the box it went).

A quick Google search the night before had found the Pensacola Wildlife Sanctuary which is only a few miles away. It was a Sunday so even though the site said they would have someone there to receive any rescue animals, I called ahead. They asked about the age and condition of the squirrel and then said to bring it on in whenever, so I packed the girls up in the car and asked Coryn to hold Buttercup's box while I drove, and off we went.

Coryn really wanted to keep Buttercup and I couldn't really blame her. I know it isn't practical, but baby squirrels are really cute and far less creepy  than other members of the rodent family. Plus, according to the web, they are very unlikely to carry rabies, which is always a nice feature for a family pet. I told her that this would be a nice place for Buttercup with other squirrels to play with and Buttercup would be happy, but I'm still not sure she was completely convinced that Buttercup would prefer this "sanctuary" over a life wearing her Barbie clothes and sleeping on her pillow.

So I took Buttercup out for one last good-bye (he was starting to stiffen up a little bit since there was no heating pad in the car) and took a picture to remember him by and then back in the box and into the Sanctuary.

There were squirrels everywhere in the parking lot, running around a couple of picnic tables. There was a pair of pelicans sitting on the roof (they flew away when we got too close, so no picture) and some owls in an enclosure out front.

Once inside a lady in scrubs (I am guessing a vet or vet-assistant) took Buttercup off our hands while another lady gave me some paperwork to fill out (where we had found the squirrel, contact information) and showed Coryn their eagle-cam (a television where you could spy on their nesting bald eagle couple). The vet came back and said that she thought Buttercup would be fine but that I should watch out for more because it would be very rare for a mother squirrel to only have one baby. Uh-oh.

We found out about an open house "Baby Shower" they would be having next month and that they are open for self-guided tours some afternoons and so I was pretty sure we would be back to check on Buttercup in the near future.

All was well until that afternoon when I went out to the garage to get something out of our overflow fridge and ran smack into Buttercup's sibling sitting on the doorstep. Caen saw it and cornered it against the fridge where the little guy kept pushing trying to squeeze into the tiny crack between the fridge and the wall.

Now Buttercup had been very passive and easy to handle. This one was awake and fighting. It actually bit me though it wasn't strong enough to break skin and it only pinched a little. It would've been an easy catch had Caen not been so excited to "help." As it was I had to keep pushing him away while I pushed the squirrel up onto my lap (where it tried to bite a few more times but couldn't make it through my jeans) and grabbed it by the scruff of the neck. I hauled it upstairs and popped it into a shoebox. It scuffled about in the box squeaking loudly so I had to tape the box shut for fear it was going to pop the lid off and start running laps around the house. Then it was back to the sanctuary.

They  took it into the back for me and brought back the original paper work from the first squirrel drop off to add squirrel number two. It was then that I found out that squirrel one was a boy and squirrel two, who Coryn really hadn't gotten to get much of a look at because I was too afraid to take the lid of the box, was a girl. Coryn wanted to name squirrel two Desiree or Bella after some girls she knows but she never quite made up her mind.

"This one is angry," the scrub wearing lady informed me. She told me to watch out for more of them. I'm beginning to worry that we are always going to have squirrels literally coming out of the walls here, but it's been almost 24 hours without a sighting, so maybe it is over. I'm sure we'll be making some trips down to the sanctuary, especially because as we were leaving the owls in the enclosure started talking to each other and that was very cool to hear (the first would say, "Whoooo whoooo" like a classic owl the second would reply with this warbling "who-woo-who-woo-who-woo.").

So, that is our squirrel updates. Sorry that I didn't get any pictures of demon-squirrel Desiree-Bella, but I really didn't want to have that critter roaming about the house. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Explanation to follow . . .
While Matt was away I noticed this strange, scratching noise coming from the walls of the spare room upstairs we use as our "computer room." When he got back and listened to it, we agreed that something was living in the wall and we figured it was squirrels.

We called some local pest control company and they came out, inspected the house for entry points, blocked up all but one hole, and put a trap over that remaining hole. Coryn nervously approached the man who did the inspection/trap installation and asked what he would do with the squirrels and he assured her they would be released in the country. The next evening we went out and there was a squirrel staring at us from the trap. The pest control man came and collected it and put up another trap in case there were more. We were still hearing scratching occasionally so we thought it was only a matter of time until the rest of them joined their friend.

Then today, two days after the first squirrel departed, Matt and Claire were both napping in the downstairs bedroom when I heard her crying. I went down to find Matt holding her.

"The squirrel woke her up!" he frowned.

Apparently he had heard a squeaking noise coming from the bathroom between our room and Claire's room and had gone to investigate and found a small, juvenile squirrel sitting behind the bathroom door. There was a chase and the squirrel was shoved out the back door but not before Claire heard the scuffle. He opened the back door to see if the squirrel was nearby and it hadn't moved an inch. I squealed because the dang thing was super adorable. Caen heard the noise, ran into the room, and the squirrel dashed back into the house and under Claire's crib.

Of course, Matt blamed me for the reentry. Caen wormed his way under the crib and cornered the squirrel who froze making it easy for me to nudge it into a shoe box and take it outside.

I put it in our neighbor's yard because he has a tree and he doesn't have a German Shepherd. I watched until the little creature scurried into a bush and considered the matter done with (it was obviously a young squirrel but not young enough, I thought, that it wouldn't be able to find its own way in our reasonably tame neighborhood and warm climate), but at dinner we glanced outside and saw Caen nuzzling something repeatedly. The squirrel had returned (our yard is fenced, so Caen hadn't gone into the neighbor's yard to get it; the squirrel had to have come back of its own free will.) and our German  Shepherd was happy to see it.

If you saw my post of a few days ago you know that Caen is very capable of killing a small rodent. He didn't, however, appear to want to kill this squirrel. The creature was downtrodden, dirty from being slobbered on and rolled in the dirt, and felt cold to the touch, but it was very much alive. I wrapped it in a towel and put it in a shoe box to recover.

Matt grumbled about me harboring an enemy "tree rat" and threatened to do away with it when I turned my back, but he very kindly helped me put together a squirrel recovery kit with a small dish of water and a cracker with some peanut butter (both of which I learned later are actually mistakes when dealing with squirrel emergency care). I had a MoPs event to attend so it was my hope that it would rest, eat something, drink something, and be ready to release when I got home, but when I did get back it appeared to not have improved at all.  It lay curled in a ball exactly as I had left it but still cold and shivering. I tried to warm it up by cupping it in my hands for awhile (I may have snapped a few pictures at this point; I couldn't resist) and then googled squirrel care.

I found out that it was a good thing that the squirrel had ignored our hospitality because apparently eating and drinking while cold can be fatal for a squirrel. What needed to happen was the squirrel needed to be warmed up and then given some water (it said with a syringe but I don't keep those around the house generally), so out came the heating pad and we patiently waited for some signs of life. After about a half hour the critter sat up and looked around. Squirrels are surprisingly gentle at this age. It let me hold it and clung carefully to my hand. I gave it some water using an inch I cut out of a drinking straw, holding my thumb over one end and putting the other end in its mouth. It drank for a bit then looked up and squeaked loudly three times in a row. It wouldn't take any more water after that so back in the box (Now heated) it went.

I have since then found a wildlife rescue station in my area who I am hoping to drop it off at tomorrow. I hope it makes it because Coryn has named it Buttercup and I'd hate to say a sad good-bye.

Read the end of the squirrel story here.

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The Upcoming Blog Apocalypse!!!


Deathwing: Still scarier than anything predicted by the Mayans

I'm honestly not sure what features are going to disappear with the GFC/Google Reader/ OMGOSH! THE WORLD OF BLOGCRAFT IS ENDING!!!!


Anyway, so if I can direct your attention to the side bars I have added two new options if you like to click and subscribe. One is Networked Blogs and the other the fan favorite Bloglovin'.

I do have a Facebook page here, but I know that Facebook is not my personal preference for following a blog (I will like a blog's Facebook page for a giveaway or if it is the ONLY method they have available to follow with, but other than that I don't wanna. My Facebook feed is already crowded enough as it is plus the way things appear/disappear so quickly I miss things that way).

So, you can follow me in new and exciting ways and because this is the internet there will be no stalking charges (though I might send my elite troop of Cyber Spiders to track you down. They do my typing for me when I am running out of fingers. They are very good but they can't seem to remember the difference between affect and effect so if you see that mistake on my blog it is THEIR FAULT!). 

After all, where else can you get World of Warcraft references plus crochet patterns  plus thoughts on early childhood home education plus a healthy dose of cats plus . . .

who am I kidding? It's the interwebs. You can get all of that all over the place.

Oh also, if you are using these platforms help me out.  I'm trying to make sure I subscribe to one or the other on every blog I follow, but it is a time consuming process, and I'm sure to miss a couple. If you comment in this post with a link to your blog I will be sure to and add it on either Networked Blogs or Bloglovin' (unless it involves offensive and/or kitten hating content. Don't hate on kittens here. My Cyber Spiders are watching.).

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: We Smell a Rat

Caen killed this gigantic rodent outside next to our garbage bins. Hopefully its relatives never plan on showing up. Caen dispatched him with a quick bite.

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I'm not sure what I've been doing lately

My kittens aren't sure what I've been doing either
Since Matt got home I've been sort of out of it. No blogging. Not even Facebook posting that much. The girls and I have gone on a couple of outings, most notably to the Pensacola Children's Museum where Coryn informed me the boys made her the captain of the pirate ship and one kid kept coming up and asking me if I was an Indian while carrying a wooden musket which isn't exactly politically correct, but they seemed to be enjoying themselves (I have no Native American blood, but my husband is 1/8th Blackfoot; every so often he tries to put his race down on forms as Native American because of this; most notably I saw him do this when filling out our marriage license paperwork but when he handed it to the clerk to enter into the computer the clerk didn't even look at the papers, just auto-checked Caucasian and Matt didn't correct him. No, this has absolutely nothing to do with anything else in this post. I just like telling that story. ).

I've been writing a lot on the sequel to my NaNoWriMo novel. I am also having Matt read my novel, which he is doing slowly but surely.  It's not his style, but he says it is good for "that kind of thing."

I read Because of Winn-Dixie to Coryn. A lot of that story involves an absentee mother and the little girl's reaction to not knowing her mother, and it kind of upset Coryn a little bit. She asked over and over again why the mother had left and then said, "You'll never leave because you love me so much. I won't leave either. I'm going to live with you even when I'm a grown up and so will Claire!" We'll have to talk about that later. . .no, I'm sure by the time she is 18 she'll be itching to get out the door, so I'll just wait.

We're going to read The Tale of Desperaux next. I have a thing for Kate DiCamillo books.

We are also trying out Alpha-Phonics to work on reading. It is very bland but the straight forward approach makes it less likely that Coryn is just memorizing a story and more likely she is using letter sounds to sound out. It is hard to teach early reading because to me it is so evident. I can't really remember not knowing how to read and sometimes I feel I'm running out of ways to explain concepts that to me don't really need to be explained.

We are also learning Spanish which she is catching on to very quickly. I had been just letting her watch some Little Pim DVDs and telling her words from my own memory of Spanish class (I took three semesters in Community College plus some classes in high school), but she seems to have a knack for it so I purchased a workbook a week or two ago. I'm copying pages rather than letting her write in it because I want to sell the book back when she has mastered it (or save it for Claire), plus it allows us to repeat lessons that involve cutting up or drawing on pages.

So what else. . .hmmm. . .

Oh, we are two episodes into this season of Psych and there is a new one tonight that is BIGFOOT THEMED! SQUEAL!

 I'm sure I'll think of more later, but that's enough for now.

Friday, March 8, 2013

My Style or Lack Thereof: Elementary

My husband and I watch Elementary together, the Sherlock Holmes reboot that is currently playing on CBS (No, it's not as good as the brilliant BBC series Sherlock, but I watch it anyway . . . for one thing they give me a new almost episode every week while Sherlock has kept me waiting for an eternity) and one of the "twists" of this new series (other than having Holmes in New York rather than London and doing the modern day thing . . . like the BBC version so really not that innovative) is that Watson is  now "Joan" rather than "John." I had some concern that this was going to eventually equal a Holmes/Watson love story, which as a reader of the original stories was kind of cringe inducing, or at the very least some awkward sexual tension, but they've managed a pretty believable platonic friendship up to this point, so fingers crossed that that continues.

Anyway, Lucy Lui plays Watson and I am constantly envying her clothes. They are quirky and comfortable looking. She does wear a lot of short skirt and legging/tights outfits which I'm probably not petite enough to pull off, but I love her look.

And then I realized it: her look is intentionally a mix between boyish and childish, probably to make the lack of "chemistry" more believable. I pointed this out to Matt and he agreed, yeah, she is dressed intentionally in an "unsexy" way. . . and I want to dress like her.

Apparently my style is "unsexy," to the point where even I notice it. I like my  sloppy trouser jeans with lots of flare in the leg. Skinny jeans make me feel like I have duck feet. I like boyfriend t-shirts with pockets and plenty of give. I like loose and flowy things. I like funny hats, bulky scarves, and boots, not boots with heals but the kind that make me feel like, if the Doctor shows up on my door step, I'm ready for  a moon walk outside of the TARDIS. That's how I roll.

Self-realization aside, I really want some of Joan Watson's comfortable looking shirts.

PS I'm not the only one. I googled Joan Watson Style to see if I could find some good pictures and found this tumblr devoted to the subject.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Crochet Crowns

A friend sent me this link to crochet crown headbands, so I've whipped out a bunch of these this weekend. It is a really fun simple pattern. Follow the link for the pattern. They are quick to make and very easy. As always please check out my Etsy account as well.

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

He's back

My husband is home. It is hard to get excited about blogging now that he is home. I just want to follow him around grinning like an idiot and swooning like a school girl, so while I fully intend to make some posts in the near future, intentions might get put aside in favor of grinning and swooning.

I realized today that having Matt home makes me deliriously, fairy tale style happy. The  kind of happy that just randomly hits me in a wave inducing a smile at  the realization that this is actually my life and that I'm actually married to my own tall, dark, and sarcastic version of Prince Charming. He's just pretty swell, period.

According to Matt (barring WWIII breaking out) he won't be going anywhere any time soon (knock on wood), so we are looking forward to some blissful together time. I'll try and keep in touch when the cartoon animals finally stop their musical number and Walt Disney stops following me around taking notes.