Conversations with Miss Coryn

 These are over the last week or so. For those of you who are friends with me irl and have access to my personal Facebook, you may have seen one or two of these before.

Coryn: Mom, why are Mickey and Minnie Mouse always together?
Me: Because they are friends.
Coryn: No, I think they are dating. . . They want to get married. When you and Daddy were dating what did you do?
Me: Well, he was in Iraq for most of the time we were dating so I wrote him a lot of letters and we talked on the phone.
Coryn: What's Iraq like?
Me: It's mostly desert.
Coryn: Like Texas.
Me: Uh . . . sure. . .

Then this morning we were discussing which friends she might see at church when she announced,

"I don't like (friend's name)'s dresses."
"Why not?" I asked.
"They aren't FASHIONY."
"Well, don't tell her that. That would be mean."
"Okay. I'll tell her she's pretty."

Coryn and I were doing some flashcards of general knowledge preschool/kindergarten questions and we came across one that involved an analog clock and asked what time it was. I know this is something she doesn't know yet but I thought, "what the heck" and asked her anyway, "What time does this picture show?" (it was 9:00). She very confidently answered, "Sixty-One-Hundred." Maybe she thought she could bluff her way through it.

While playing outside she asked me why bees make their own wax when they could just get it out of our ears. She then said that a bee came and took some wax from her ears and made a honeysuckle with it. 

I called Caen a vulture dog (he was hanging out by Claire's high chair waiting for his pound of crumbs), and Coryn wanted to know why, so I did a vulture impression. I explained that vultures are carrion birds who wait for things to die then I made a vulture face (I can't really explain this), holding my hands up like bird claws, and said, "Are you dead yet? Okay, I'll wait then. Are you dead yet? Okay, I'll keep waiting. You're dead? OMNOMNOM!" She wanted me to do this repeatedly and now she is following me around the house with her hands up by her face vulture style asking me if I'm dead yet.

"Captain America, he drank too much coffee and then he threw up! Captain America drank too much coffee and went crazy!" (I was going around the house humming, "When Captain America throws his mighty shield. . .")

When eating something: Ah, sweet nectar. . .

Coryn: Your shirt looks snazzy .. . what does snazzy mean?