He's back

My husband is home. It is hard to get excited about blogging now that he is home. I just want to follow him around grinning like an idiot and swooning like a school girl, so while I fully intend to make some posts in the near future, intentions might get put aside in favor of grinning and swooning.

I realized today that having Matt home makes me deliriously, fairy tale style happy. The  kind of happy that just randomly hits me in a wave inducing a smile at  the realization that this is actually my life and that I'm actually married to my own tall, dark, and sarcastic version of Prince Charming. He's just pretty swell, period.

According to Matt (barring WWIII breaking out) he won't be going anywhere any time soon (knock on wood), so we are looking forward to some blissful together time. I'll try and keep in touch when the cartoon animals finally stop their musical number and Walt Disney stops following me around taking notes.


  1. :) happy for you!! look forward to reading something new from you... but you go ahead and swoon and float around. The blog will be here when you get back.


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