My Style or Lack Thereof: Elementary

My husband and I watch Elementary together, the Sherlock Holmes reboot that is currently playing on CBS (No, it's not as good as the brilliant BBC series Sherlock, but I watch it anyway . . . for one thing they give me a new almost episode every week while Sherlock has kept me waiting for an eternity) and one of the "twists" of this new series (other than having Holmes in New York rather than London and doing the modern day thing . . . like the BBC version so really not that innovative) is that Watson is  now "Joan" rather than "John." I had some concern that this was going to eventually equal a Holmes/Watson love story, which as a reader of the original stories was kind of cringe inducing, or at the very least some awkward sexual tension, but they've managed a pretty believable platonic friendship up to this point, so fingers crossed that that continues.

Anyway, Lucy Lui plays Watson and I am constantly envying her clothes. They are quirky and comfortable looking. She does wear a lot of short skirt and legging/tights outfits which I'm probably not petite enough to pull off, but I love her look.

And then I realized it: her look is intentionally a mix between boyish and childish, probably to make the lack of "chemistry" more believable. I pointed this out to Matt and he agreed, yeah, she is dressed intentionally in an "unsexy" way. . . and I want to dress like her.

Apparently my style is "unsexy," to the point where even I notice it. I like my  sloppy trouser jeans with lots of flare in the leg. Skinny jeans make me feel like I have duck feet. I like boyfriend t-shirts with pockets and plenty of give. I like loose and flowy things. I like funny hats, bulky scarves, and boots, not boots with heals but the kind that make me feel like, if the Doctor shows up on my door step, I'm ready for  a moon walk outside of the TARDIS. That's how I roll.

Self-realization aside, I really want some of Joan Watson's comfortable looking shirts.

PS I'm not the only one. I googled Joan Watson Style to see if I could find some good pictures and found this tumblr devoted to the subject.


  1. THis show sounds very interesting... I love Lucy Lui! :) Hmmm. Sounds like we have similar styles (if you can call my pick-it-up while I run through the store style a style) :)

    1. It's a decent show, if a bit formulaic. Lui is very good in it. Yeah, my "style" is generally a few favorite statement pieces paired with one of two pairs of favorite jeans and my go to boots.


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