Nothing For Granted: a Mommy Lesson

Today while straightening up the mess of finished worksheet pages and crayons on the dining room table I came across the above doodle, scrawled across the back of a handwriting sheet Coryn had done earlier. I unthinkingly folded it up (thankfully I didn't crumple it) and put it in the garbage.

Then tonight I was sitting in the computer room talking with Coryn about how the Easter gifts were hidden in the guest room and so she shouldn't go in there when all of the sudden her little face lit up and she announced, "Mom, I have a present for you!" She ran downstairs and started to shuffle through the stack of papers I'd left behind on the table. It was about then that realization struck and I slunk into the kitchen, praying that I hadn't put any food on top of the picture since it went into the bin.

Thankfully, the drawing was still whole. I presented it to her and after a momentary look of suspicion (Why, exactly, Mom, did you have to go into the kitchen to find that?) she gave me my gift. She wasn't quit able to explain what it was a picture of (something involving water, she said), but through her eyes this was special. This was for me. This was something she got excited about giving me. That makes it precious and precious things just shouldn't go in the garbage.

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