So Easter is Tomorrow. . .

So Easter is tomorrow and this afternoon I realized . . .

So I did some quick thinking and this is my response to Mr. Illidan:

I am now prepared!!!

Yay me!

Okay, if you haven't already completely tuned me out for all the geekiness in the first section of this post, I will continue.

We only dyed six eggs because Matt pointed out we NEVER eat them all. None of us really like cold hard boiled eggs, or deviled eggs, or egg salad or whatever else people do with these things. I like the whites but not the yokes. When I was little I used to throw the yokes really hard at the oak trees around the house or down into the road just to see them smash . . . oh, and on the subject, some idiots egged our car Friday morning/Thursday night. Seriously, why? I'm guessing it was teenagers, but I never went through a stage in my life where that sort of activity would've been appealing so I don't get it.

I hadn't put a lot of thought into Easter dinner. It's just the four of us. We won't have company, and I guess I just wasn't thinking fancy, but I did pick up a whole chicken and a pineapple (Coryn has been begging for one). Still, at the grocery store I began to regret that I wasn't going fancy enough.

So I made a bunny cake:

He's ugly but he's mine. That took very little time and we watched Doctor Who while we waited for him to cool which is always an awesome Mother/Daughter bonding experience.

This link shows how to make a bunny cake though why people put coconut on them I will never understand. It's the devil's weird fruity nut condiment thing. 

Then after the girls went to bed I sat up and filled plastic eggs with jelly beans and set up their Easter buckets. I found these really awesome colorful tin buckets at Walmart and they are so much cooler than the baskets I've seen.

I didn't get them much this year. The big splurge was on their new Easter dresses which I am going to present to them tomorrow. As you can see, Carlton was on hand to help with tonight's activities.

So that is how I prepared. Yay me!